Does anyone have good tips on how to discipline biting?

Our 3 1/2 month old finds it fun to bite mama & papa.  We have tried distracting with toys, bitter spray, high-pitched yelp when she bites, soda cans with pennies.  Bitter spray works temporarily.  Distracting with toys rarely works, she finds it more amusing to bite our limbs or clothes.  When she does, it gets aggressive with the tugging, growling, and a harder bite.  It seems like she thinks its a game. 


Does anyone have any good tips that worked on your corgi pups?  If so, I would really appreciate the input.



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We had the exact same problem with Ginger. Well, we still do have a bit of a problem. She just turned 4 months old and is starting to bite a little bit less. We've tried everything you've tried and then some, but nothing really seems to work immediately. We just keep making some kind of loud or low toned noise, telling her no, and stopping whatever we were doing. Even though she still bites, she seems to be doing it less, and she's not biting as hard anymore. Best I can tell you is keep doing what you're doing and hang in there. She'll outgrow it. Just don't back down.
Oh no...I was afraid someone would say that! lol We are working on leaving the room after saying "no" when she's biting. Hopefully this works. Thanks for the support!
yes hang in there is gets better, Carly was a massive bitter i couldnt believe it!! i jerked my hand back and was sorry ...
.tell her ouch really loud.. and be patient. our pup is nine months now and its soooo much better , of course she been told 10,000 times no bite!!
I know...I wish I had a recorded tape of me saying NO! haha
Biscuit is a nipper too, especially clothes and arms :/ she's 11 months now and is slowly progressing, but still when she gets excited or we're chasing each other around she can get carried away.

A loud 'ouch' or 'no' as well as the immediate end of play time seems to work... but then she'll randomly do it again! Alas, I think it's going to be quite a while before I can honestly say she's not a nipper, but we're getting there!
I would leave the room whenever puppy Eddy bit me.
I used a very high pitched dramatic screech and if that did not stop it a time out in the gated off kitchen (do not use the kennel). Any room that is puppy proofed with no one in it will work. If you are very consistent this should work. Right now after trying so many different things I am afraid that she might be confused so stick to it.
these dogs are something else!! thats what im learning... just when i think ive conquered an area it starts all over, after two (failed) eight wk classes in cgc training , im still hanging in there...
i can finally say the biting has improved but i hate to say it to loud , hahaha
by the way whats with the fear of doorways? i have never seen a dog who wont follow me out the door i have to shut it and then open it and then shell come.. weird
walking on a loose leash is still not going well and the wanting to chase every car while on the leash is still a issue
How old is your little one? We haven't started training yet, but are trying to find a class. We realized that after her playdates she is bites a little less, but trying to work it into the schedule and finding the right class has been the problem.

As for the door problem..I have no clue. Maya seems to be fine with doors. I would rub the scent of one of her treats all over the door and put treats near it. I did this with our little heater, because Maya would bark at it. Seems to be working. Good Luck!
Carly is 9 months..and i read somewhere on here maybe? that corgis have issues with doorways? who know where i read
I thought the same thing, that she is probably confused. So, we are sticking with leaving the area when she gets crazy with the biting. thanks!
I would totally ignore her and/or put her on a time-out when she starts getting bitey.


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