Or is Jon Farleigh just obscenely lazy? :)  He never eats standing up. (Dewi stands up about 60% of the time.)  I have assumed this is a Corgi thing, but am now beginning to wonder...

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Excellent pictures! Caius sits with his butt down, but he doesn't stand or lay down completely.

Thanks; btw - he still eats lying down (every meal).

I had a Golden Retriever years ago that would lay down to eat but he also fell asleep during a "sit an stay " in obedience class too. My corgis would never consider laying down during the race we like to call eating!
Bev, he fell asleep in a sit-stay??  Thanks for the crack-up this morning!
Haha, I've never seen Ein and Brian eat/drink like that.  They either sit on their bums or stand on all fours. :)
Excuse me for chuckling at your "problem,"  but looking at your photo Jon has created a very good efficient angle for his head and neck for ingesting his food. (Corgis are very smart!)  Dewi's head is angled way down which creates a good deal more swallowing effort.  Your bowls are small and with sides very low to the ground. My two corgis eat their treats lying down and their two meals standing up, but their bowls have taller sides.  True, their bowls never look as full as your little ones do.  If Jon's ancient Roman reclining dining style really concerns you, you might try a higher sided mixing bowl and see if that forces Jon to stand up.  If it does, then you know to look for a higher sided (probably bigger) bowl.  You don't have to fill the probably larger feeding bowl, although I'm sure Jon wouldn't object.
Skip, you are very observant. :)  Yes, the bowls are puppy-sized and that's 1/2 cup of food in there. :)  I feel like as long as there's no indigestion, why force him to change?  It kinda forces him to eat more slowly anyway.  Dewi polishes his bowl in 30 seconds.
I have an Aussie that always lays down and leisurely eats and sometimes a corgi or 2 will do this. Depending if they are all eating in the same room or spread out:)
So I was looking to see if there were other corgis that ate sitting down. I was wondering if I had a lazy boy. Hercules likes to sit and eat.  He used to inhale his food when he was younger, but now he has settled in and eats slower.
Taffy, join the club.  So far, I think there are three members. :)  Jon Farleigh has never once eaten a meal standing up, but I don't think it's laziness, and I'm thankful he doesn't inhale his food. :)  Hercules is a cutie. 


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