I was just wondering if any of your Corgis like to eat at the same time as you do. Ein used to eat whenever we put food in his bowl but now he prefers to only eat in the company of his family. His bowls are in the dining room next to our kitchen table so when we sit down for our family meals, Ein decides he wants to chow down too. My sis told me that her Dachshund does the same thing :)

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It's that herding instinct, and you're his herd! He has you all together so he can relax and enjoy his dinner with you.
Cute...I think that's neat that he wants to eat with his family...my crew likes to go out and then 4 of them come back in to eat since it's been since supper last night(food,food,food) I sometimes don't eat till mid-morning so I don't think they'd want to wait! Of coarse it's different if I'm eating a snack while watching tv...then they expect me to "share"!
I am trying to envision mine waiting until we eat...... Nope not possible!
Sami usually eats in the morning and only nibbles the rest of the day. We eat most of the time in the den and she gets up on the sofa sits between us puts her head on my thigh and recently has started to make the adorable "corgi speak". She is such a good girl rarely puts her head up (she is only 7 months old) above table level while we are eating. I want my husband to video this as she sounds so cute!
Ella eats her breakfast while we get ready for work. However she gets her dinner when we are having dinner. Our dinning table is in the kitchen and her doggy bowl is on the other side of the kitchen. This way she can eat, but still keep an eye on us, lol.
No, they actually eat before us, since we don't feed them when we eat, they don't beg, they just sleep patiently next to our feet at the dining table.


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