My wife and I are thinking about getting a travel trailer and doing some camping/fishing/boating/hiking/whatever other trouble we can get into this Summer! We want to include Kirby and Cricket in what we are doing and I'm wondering if anyone else camps with their corgis? I've heard they like to swim, but ours haven't had the opportunity yet. How about boating? Ever take them in a canoe or rowboat? How about hiking? I would assume they need to be in decent shape and we obviously wouldn't take them where they have to step over large obstacles or climb up really difficult terrain, but they do have little legs, so not so sure about endurance of the little guys. Any advice would be appreciated!

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Our camper has A/C (wish our house did!), so leaving Marty inside for a few hours while we have gone biking etc was fine. Travel trailers really have all the comforts!
Traveling with our corgi is great, my boyfriend and I, are really getting into backpacking so we decided to buy a backpack for our 3 year old corgi. We don't put very much in the backpack due to the fact that we are afraid it might effect her hips or back later on but she can still hold around 4 lbs of dog food on her backpack, that makes a big difference for us not having to carry her dog food. Shelby our corgi loves to swim but we always have her life jacket on when we are in the boat or any other water craft activities. I would defiantly go buy a life jacket for your corgis especially if they are new to swimming. It will make kirby and cricket more comfortable swimming in the water. Just because corgis have little legs doesn't stop our little shelby from going anywhere with us and I am sure your dogs will love camping the only thing is our shelby has a problem with is the campfire she absolutely hates it. Travel trailers are awesome for dogs it keeps them safe and sound at night.
I wouldn't ask a corgi to carry anything. The load they can carry is insignificant and would only slow them down, impede them in brush, and conceivably hurt them. I'm extremely fussy about my own load and how it carries, and I've seen dogs' packs wobbling, swinging, interfering with the dog's gait and balance. I would never want that for myself.
I say: let the animal run free and unencumbered.
One can buy freeze-dried meat-pattie dog food; lightweight but too expensive for me. Ours get the usual ration of Darwin's raw meat: thawed, repacked in single meals in twist-tied baggies, stuffed in a heavy-duty plastic can with an O-ring threaded lid, and refrozen; this container is as odor-proof as I can find, dog food being the best bear-bait available. Supplemented with lots of kibble. They get fed triple on weekend overnights.

This is a fence idea we are trying out for camping this year. The corgis can jump it but I think we have convinced them it is not ok. We used to travel by boat a lot(prior to the recession!) and taught them not to bark at everything they see go bye. You really can't do that in Marinas. So now that we have switched to camping they have been very well behaved. They love camping especially going with us everywhere and meeting lots of new people!
We went camping for the 1st time with Talula (6 months old) over Memorial Day weekend and it was great. We used a cable tie out for the campground so she could follow everyone around and she slept in the tent with us. The first night there was a huge thunderstorm while we were in the tent and she didn't move a muscle the whole time. Thank goodness she wasn't scared for her 1st thunderstorm. Not much barking (especially compared to the beagle that was next door.) We're headed to a different place for the 4th of July and can't wait!
We actually lived in our 5th wheel / toy hauler for a few months with our first corgi. In fact, part of the reason we chose her was because we felt her size and disposition would be perfect for confined living. We were right on. She was always the belle of whatever park we landed in and adapted wonderfully.

Now we are back in a home and have a herd of corgis (4) that we take with us - on the boat, hiking, to the dog beach. (Sold the RV when gas sky-rocketed.) They outlast us and love going. Roxy has even gone tubing with our daughter.

Here's Roxy on the boat:

Here's Roxy and Chewy hiking Rich Mountain in Arkansas.

Here's Chewy playing in Little Missouri Falls.

I wish I could find that pic of Roxy tubing!!!!
We are avid campers, and have taken Oliver twice since getting him. He is addicted to A/C, so that was our biggest obstacle- he spent the first night whining at the car, then at the A/C ducts, wanting it on. Once he figured out he was going to have to rough it too, he did great. I don't have to worry about him wandering too far, so he only went on the leash/tie out when we went for a walk or ate. At night we put him in the tent because a neighboring camp had a big German Shepard that was running loose, and didn't want any tussles to happen. He did really well, and even learned quickly to stay off the air mattress.
However, he absolutely HATES swimming! I tried taking him in the lake with us, and he swam directly back to shore and proceeded to bark at all of us for a good 15 minutes. He is an ornery little pup, and took my flip flops out of the line up and drug them behind our tent when I tried to put him back in the water. Later on my fiance tried to put him in the water again, and put him on the boogey board (our friends have a chihuahua and she rides around beside them on a boogey board). He sat on the board for a minute, launched off, swam back to shore and took Aaron's shirt. Definitely an oppinionated pup, but now loves to be outside, and gets excited if he sees our camping chairs coming out of storage.
I take Willie with me when I go backpacking in the Sierra Nevada's- He carries his own food, sierra cup and rain gear. Last year he insisted on keeping both me and my 75 year old father in sight at all times - made for an interesting 'Corgi Dance' when I headed up hill for a bush :-). Next week (8/29/09) we are headed for 7 days up Magee Creek for some fishing. My brother & his wife will be bringing their dog (not a Corgi) on her first trip.

I include Willie on all my trips :-)
Our camping is in a rustic cabin miles from anywhere...and our dogs go with but at night I either tie up when out or lighted collar as we are near a lake and wild animals all over ...they love it. They've been in the canoe (1 at a time) under close supervision...Wynn loves the front...3 of my pups (6 mo now) have been camping with their new families and I've heard wonderful reports!
When went camping with Midas once this summer and we all enjoyed it so much we are planning another camping trip this Oct. Midas loved the hiking. It was a hot day out so we brought lots of ice water for him and ourselves. It was the toughest terrain they had at the campsite and Midas handled it like a champ. In fact we were contemplating turning back at times and he was the one pushing forward. The hike took about 2-3hrs and we stopped often for water and rest and of course pictures. The majority of the hike we were going through cool water and it was fabulous because it kept us nice and cool. We also used his head collar because of the somewhat dangerous dropoffs I didn't want him seeing some wild life and taking off after it. He could misstep very easily, I wanted to know I had control. And also having him perfect his wait command was very helpful. I would just say wait and he would stop until we could catch up. We brought Midas's crate along for inside the tent (we have a 2 room tent) and he had his own room. He stayed quiet the entire night which was super because we were a little concerned with all the noises. Before we left we looked up many first aid kits for dogs and made Midas's. His was actually bigger than ours. It came out useful, he did get a couple bug bites. And also, we made sure we had vet numbers in cells just in case. We had a great time and can't wait to go back.


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