I thought I saw a Cardi tonight but I'm not sure and he also had a white tip to his tail. My question is does anyone out there that has a corgi with a tail have a tip other than white? All my red/white pups had white tips and I'm just curious about this! Thanks!

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Sidney still has his tail, and it has a glorious white tip! Come see his photos. We are friends with a few other tailed pems, and the ones that are red/white also have the white tip. I think it makes them look like foxes, hee hee.
I love that lovely white tip! I did check out your photos and I love seeing those tails. Sidney has such a lovely smile! I can't wait till it's pup time around here and their tails are going to remain long!
All of Fergies puppies had tails with white tips. Now they have no tails. I wondered about this as well.
Potus has a tail with a white tip too- photos on my page. As Geri & Sydney said- it makes them look like foxes! I think every Pem I've seen with a tail has had a white tip!
Here's Bella's babies with tails!

This was before I had them docked but I will no longer be docking them!
My Archie has a tail with a white tip, in the UK it is now illegal to dock, and apparently thats how you know if they have been docked or born with a "shorter" tail, they will always have a white tip.
Thanks Denise!
*sigh* I want tails!

When we met the agility instructor yesterday, she said some of the Aussie people are not docking because they feel having a tail gives an advantage in agility. Off-topic, I know, but whenever I see cute Corgi tails I really want my dogs to have one.
Having a Corgi with a tail is great- they show so much of their personality- with our Po, if he gets a new toy he walks off with it, swaying it high in the air and acting all pompous. Hopefully more breeders in the U.S will opt not to dock so you can have a Pem with a tail one day!
My Maggie is a Cardigan and she has white tip on her tail. The Cardigan we lost to lymphoma is March 2007, Tipper, also had a white on her tail.
I'm so glad to hear from a Cardi owner as this dog I saw I thought was a Cardi but the were across the street and I didn't want to run up to them and check it out as people were waiting for me.

What about you other cardi owners? So sorry about Tipper!
Finnigan is a Cardi and he has a white tip. Most of the Cardis I have seen do have a white tip on their tail.


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