If Ollie hears a sneeze, then he immediately starts barking REALLY loud, and bolts as fast as he can toward the perpatrator - getting RIGHT UP against their face and continuing to bark, and sometimes nip. Needless to say, it's not an enjoyable experience.

He totally freaks out. Even if you gasp - like your ABOUT to sneeze, he'll freak out. At first we thought it was kinda funny - we even fake sneeze sometimes when he won't come when we call him. If we have guests however, this is unacceptable.

I thought maybe I could reward him when he doesn't freak out, and maybe that would help him learn. There simply isn't a time that he doesn't go completely ape-$#@! when someone sneezes. So, i'm at a loss for how to correct this issue. I was trying to train him yesterday, and a fake sneeze of mine was answered with a headbutt resulting in a fat lip. Any tips?

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Sparty used to do that. Although not with the enthusiasm that Ollie apparently does! He as time went by stopped finding sneezes so fun although he still occasionally lets out a token woof. I would suggest a few training sessions that include a leash, another person, and some fake sneezes. A firm (not hard) tug and a no when you sneeze will after a few attempts teach him not to jump on a sneeze. A lot of corgis (and herding breeds) over respond to noises. Probably since they were partially bred to be a watch dog.
I have the same problem. But at least Nala somehow has managed to bark only once and let go.
Yeah, if Ollie has a bully stick or something he's REALLY into, he'll just give a token bark to say,"Yeah I heard that!". However if he doesn't have anything better to do, he will be all over you!
Just watched the movie and as soon as the sneeze came, Nala started barking. LOL. It's exactly the same thing she does. I just told her no, and eventually after months she started to give a one loud bark. I guess she is just saying "Bless you"?

Not really any advise, I just learned to live with it. Not bother me that much. But sometimes it startles me.
My will come right up to the face with the ears all back, LOL!!!
Sadie used to bark and just stare at the person who just sneezed. But she grew out of the barking; and now acts shocked and surprised hen someone sneezes. My only idea is that if he goes crazy when someone sneezes, is to say "no!" and hopefully he will get the idea.
Loki doesn't like sneezes either- I think they scare him more than anything, as he hates loud noises. When we sneeze he runs over to lick our face, like he's making sure everything is alright. I usually try to try to reassure him and tell him "it's okay" a few times and pet him, and he calms down. Hopefully it will fade as they realize that it's a normal thing.
I had a friend whose dog flipped every time someone knocked on the door. I got him to stop by giving him treats and he learned that door knocks mean good food. If you have someone sneeze(pretend) and you reward him when he does not flip out he will get better. It takes a while but it is better than punishment.
I'll see your sneeze freak out and up you opening a can of soda freakout, and starting the dishwasher freakout.
OMG. I am so glad to hear that other corgis do this. Elwyn acts the exact same way with sneezes as Ollie. He has stopped doing it as bad when I sneeze, but he still does the complete freak out when my husband sneezes... I dont know if its the deeper sound or what, but it is CRAZY!
My little boy ,Blinky, does this too. Its a mild frustration so we just ignore him and he stops. I don,t know why he does it, because his sister does not. Teresa
This can be one of those noises that he has become "reactive" to. I suspect there are other noises in his life that he reacts to as well. This is a behavior that can be well worked with especially if you have done some obedience training with your dog. I would put him on lead and make him sit. Practice sneezing. If he reacts put him back in the sit positon. When he finally doesnt react give him a treat. This is something you will have to practice quite regularly to delete this behavior. As with many I am sure it was most amusing when it began. Sadly most of these behaviors must become quite obnoxious before people realize it is best not to let it continue. May I also suggest that you increase his activity level and and expose him to many different envirnments. This will help him become more comfortable with different noises. The FAQ page has an article on noise reactive dogs. May be a good read for you.


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