Is it normal for Corgi's to "talk" ? Maggie will sit and respond to me talking to her with a sound that is not like a growl or a bark.  Crazy little buggers....

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Frosty back-talks us all the time.  His is kind of a growl-mated-with-a-whine kind of noise that alters back and forth with varies whining noises.  He does it the most when we are denying him something he wants (like going outside or chasing a cat).  But we can get his to whiny-talk almost anytime lol.  They definitely are some characters!
Frosty is beautiful !! We originally wanted a cardigan (or I did at least). But then Maggie fell into our laps so we ended up with a Pembroke. Maybe I can talk my husband into having one of each LOL.
oh yea~ i call Carly's her "chewbacha speech"  so funny sounding

I think this video best sums it up...


too funny !!! I think Maggie is closest to the yawn talk.  So glad to know it is not just my corgi....
Yes, Lance is as great talker, he even whaps his tail in usion with his talk.  :)  I love having converstations with him.   :)  He also does like to back talk as well!!!

Yes Gwenie is quite the the chatter box. She sits and chats me up all day. If I ask her something she answers, what she is saying no idea. I just think its so cute. On Christmas Day I ask her if she wanted a cracker she and sit at the table she did her little talk to me,so we let her sit in a chair & see her cracker. She seemed very pleased.

this one made me yawn

Sidney and Bruce talk to me all the time!

We have a group where we've discussed their vocalizations. Come check it out :)

Winston yawn-barks every morning for his breakfast. I can't seem to get him to do it outside of the bedroom for the most part. But I love having little conversations with him, he's quite talkative when he first wakes up.
Oh yeah! My last corgi -- who would have been 12 years old this week :( -- would talk all the time. She was a great "aroo"-er and did the yawn-barking alot. In fact, her official unofficial name was Haley Mae Garglebarker, cuz that's what it sure sounded like!! They're a riot! Our current corgi Widget does not talk as much, unfortunately, but he gets a few good ones in now and then...
My corgis always have something to say but Wynn carries on the L_O_N_G_ conversations:)


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