I bought Molly a sample pack of Dream Bones from Walmart, they are hell. They're the fake rawhide bones that are supposed to be %99 digestible, and safe for your dogs. Molly had one 3 days ago and now she can't keep any food down, not even rice. The emergency clinic suggested to induce vomiting, and 3 days later she is still vomiting chunks of the bone. Be careful if you get these for your pups, its not a pleasant thing to be the one to force your dog to vomit them having to deal with the sad puppy eues

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oh no..im so sorry :( hope she is feeling better soon!!!!

She seems to be doing ok now, it's just so tiring to have to deal with her being sick every week for different things.

yeah I hear ya, hang in there...it seems to go in spurts.  Hopefully she wont get any blockages from the bone. 

I spoke too soon, she vomited again

Aww, I'm soo sorry to hear you and Molly are having such troubles. From all the horror stories I have heard about raw hides. I stay completely away from them, even the "non-raw hide" raw hides. I really hope she gets better quickly. Hugs and Corgi Kisses from me and Kota.

Consider writing the company that makes the bones a very displeased letter? Maybe there's other dogs suffering the same problem, so bringing the issues to light will help the company figure out what they need to change.
Worst come to worse, they'll just ignore it.

Where were the bones made???? Feel better soon Molly...I know how frustrating this can be for both of you!

Aw, poor Molly! Hope she's better soon. I looked up the Dream Bones and they seem to contain a fair amount of sorbitol, which can cause tummy upset in susceptible individuals.

HUZZAH! She passed the piece of bone! I'm sad to say, she did lose some weight, but she's eating and keeping it down!

woooo!!!  I am sure she wouldn't mind a bit more food at each meal to help gain her weight back.  :) 

Good news. Live and let learn, right? I can't believe something with sorbitol got passed off a recreational chew. That stuff makes the GI tract of a dog look like an interstate highway. So. Much. MOVEMENT!


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