My older dog had an ear infection last month and I was given a very expensive ear cleaner at the Vet's office plus medication.  Today I took her to a different Vet because we are away from home, to have her rechecked.  She still needs some antibiotic, but the Vet said that for ear cleaning I can mix up a bottle of half white vinegar and half distilled water and use that.  A lot cheaper than commercial products and certainly easy, so I'm passing it on.

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I was just trying to remember a homemade cleaner that I used to use and can't remember what it was other than I think it had 3 simple ingredients...will have to try it!


When my kitten had earmites, we warmed up some mineral oil and massaged it into her ear canal and when she shook, all the gunk flew out!  Gross but effective. 

I got Zymox otic cleanser when I couldn't get my corgis ears to clear up one time.  Plus the stuff the vet gave me burned, so they hated it.  Within two days of using it, they were completely better.  It's supposed to be all natural.

The water and vinegar mix is not for ear mites, just for cleaning of wax accumulation in the ear.  I have not yet tried it, but the cleaner I used before (by VetOne) had my dog crying out like Jennifer writes.

In addition to that, Pixie had been prescribed a steroid/antibiotic cream "Gentizol" also made by VetOne.  After just 2 applications she went stone deaf.  I did not know if this was because of stuff dislodged in the ear, the cream coating the inside of the ear,  or what.  I called the Vet to point it out, stopped the cream, continued the ear cleaning and had her rechecked.  Now I was told to resume the cream again for a week.  The dog cried every time a drop went in the ear.... I felt so bad about it.  In this time frame we also  traveled cross Country from Colorado to Virginia.  Now in Virginia, yesterday  I had her rechecked and the Vet here was surprised I had been prescribed that ointment (Gentizol) because it can cause deafness.  He said it's not  a common reaction, but it happens and he cannot tell if she will recover any hearing or not.

Her saving grace is Mowgli who is always with her.  She was his comfort blanket when we first adopted him and he was scared of everything. They formed a very strong bond and now that she cannot hear us, she keeps an eye on him all the time and takes her cues from his reactions in order to know what to do.  It is very touching. Pixie is a 14 and a half year old Border Collie mix and the matriarch of the house. Even the cat, who is scared of all dogs and people, loves Pixie.

That is concerning your vet told you to continue the Gentizol. We do use it frequently for ear infections but if there is ANY damage to the eardrum you can certainly cause deafness. Did the first vet scope her ears with a long cone to see if the ear drum was intact? If nobody has done that yet I would hold off on both cleaner and medication until somebody makes sure the eardrum is still intact. Bad first vet for not recommending you stop it when you reported yelping and deafness! 

The first Vet had scoped the ear, but there was a lot of wax and he could not see the ear drum. He did not think the ear drum was perforated ( I did bring that up).  I also took her back in to have her re-checked and she was scoped again, this time much of the wax had left.  I had her rechecked a third time when we arrived in VA. Anyhow... water under the bridge, I guess, except that I kicked myself for doing something I felt so negative about, convincing myself it was good for the dog.  .  Should have followed my gut.  I always regret it when I don't.

Here's a link to an ear cleaning solution recipe. Good luck!


Thanks, will keep this on file. In the meantime I'm happy to report that a little bit of Pixie's hearing has returned :-)  I  am using treats to reinforce her hearing response when it occurs and she's loving that idea!

I actually clean Stumpy's ears with witch hazel, was recommended by my vet and super convenient since I already have it in the house :)

I also have witch hazel...what do you do to clean his ears?

I just wet a cotton ball/pad so it's moist(not dripping), expose her ears and gently rub away. works great for us and all natural!


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