So here is the thing.  Olive is 10 months old now and she has always slept with us which we love.  The problem is that she wants to get up at the crack of dawn and whines on the bed until I let her down and then I have to get up too and six AM is just too darn early.  She recently went back to her breeders for 6 nights and  I'm sure she was crated at night.  So, I thought that this would be a good time to move her from our bed at night to the crate which sits right beside the bed.  She likes the crate just fine (but the bed would be better).  Last night she went out to potty around 9 PM and then in her crate.  This morning she started moaning and groaning to get up at 5 AM!  I have ignored her until 6:30 for the last two mornings and it's not like she has to go potty or is hungry.  What time do your dogs go to bed and what time do they get up?

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Ours sleep with us and I just told them sternly to settle down and ignored them, they soon got the message that momma wasn't getting up yet.
Holding for 9+ hours is no easy task, try taking Olive out one last time just before you go to bed.

Just before bedtime, "One Last Time!" is a standard command that gets instant response.  For some reason, it always elicits a few sharp, emphatic barks from Gwynnie.  They go out very briefly.  We never restrict access to water.

We go to bed between 8 and 9 pm and our 10 month old Remy sleeps with us.  She then wants to get up around 4 am!  Izzie who is 1 1/2 years old sleeps in her bed on our bedroom floor and she doesn't really like getting up that early but around 4:30 am we get up and feed all the pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) and then try and go back to sleep if we don't have to work.  It is early at our house but when you have to go to work at 7 am we have no choice.  Remy doesn't like to sleep long periods of time and I am really hoping that will change as she gets older! 


My boyfriend and I go to bed typically around 11pm, and we take Caius out 15 minutes before that. Since he's only 5-months still, we have him in the crate for bed time. Joel wakes up every morning at 7am, so he takes Caius out and about at that time. There hasn't been any whining, even when we brought him home the first night, surprisingly. I guess it helped when the previous breeder kept all of her puppies in crates at night.

My puppy Ein is only 16 weeks, but I crate trained her and put her on a night time schedule at about 9 weeks. We used to crate her promptly at 10 pm every night, but now that she's mellowed out some and is mostly house trained I usually keep her up until I go to bed around midnight, unless she falls asleep on her own. She always goes potty right before being crated (between 11pm and midnight) and my husband takes her out when he gets up for work around 5:30am and then puts her back in her crate. She'll go back to sleep for awhile, but I don't know what time she actually wakes up, cause I keep special toys in her crate and she'll occupy herself quietly with those until I get up around 8 or 8:30am. I have blackout curtains in my room too, so I think that helps give the illusion that it's still night time even though the sun is already up. 


Maybe if you put a thin dark blanket or sheet over her crate that might help. That way she can still hear your breathing and know you're close, but she won't see you stir in the morning and get excited. I do that on nights when I realized I've consumed more liquid than usual and know I'll have to make a few bathroom trips during the night. It seems to help. Other than that, I agree with other replies, monitor her water intake and just ignore her and eventually she'll get the message.



During the week daddy gets up around 530 and has a shower, we also had to teach them to keep quiet while waiting for daddy to be done with his shower, then he feeds them. They go ahead and go outside then daddy puts them back on the bed and we all sleep a little while longer. It is all about being stern and getting into a routine but it can be done.

Ours have last potty before bed at around 10 or 10:30PM, and then they go out around 7am.  If my husband is not up for work (like on the weekends) Jack will generally bark at 7 or so to let us know it's time to go out.  Very rarely if we are up late on the weekend and they are out around 11 or midnight they'll sleep til 8am in the winter when it's dark and gloomy, but that only happens maybe a half dozen times out of the whole year.


I have in the past had dogs who would sleep in and not complain, and some dogs have bladders of steel and can hold it for twelve hours or more (talk to anyone whose dog won't pee in the rain, say, and holds it for seemingly incredible periods of time).   But most are not able to go much more than 8 or 9 hours.  And Corgis are vocal dogs, as a rule, who will let you know when they want something.

Be grateful he barks.  One of mine will never ask to go out and if something makes her have to go off-schedule, she'll go upstairs and poop in a corner.  I'm not naturally an early riser, but have gotten used to the fact that the dogs will be up early and adjusted my schedule accordingly.

My two are on the same schedule as yours - 10:30 p.m. in crates, awake at 7 a.m.  Dewi whines; Jon is silent.  Jon also poops in an upstairs corner, if he gets "off schedule"  (neither would he ever tell anyone he needed to go).  When Jon does this, Dewi always finds me, barks (tattles on Jon) and "leads" me to the base of the stairs where Jon is smiling down at me.  They are funny creatures. 
10 months is still pretty young to hold it that long. You may want to let her out again at night or try letting her out at 5 or 6 am and then put her back in her crate for a couple hours. Mine are all mature dogs and can hold it a really long time but that did not happen when they were younger. Also consider the time she has dinner, maybe she is hungry and would do better if dinner was later.

Mine don't wake me for potty - they want FOOD!  ha!


Bear is one of those with a bladder of steel, he can hold it for hours - since he despises the doggy door.  Goldy will often get up during the night, go potty and come back in.  


We go to bed about 9pm, because we get up at 5am - there are mornings where Bear will start that "starving sigh" noise at 4:30am and I have to say in my best morning growl "STOP IT BEAR."  He just wants to eat - constantly.  LOL

When Foxy was a puppy I used to drink two big glasses of water before bed. That way I would wake up in the middle of the night with my bladder about to burst. I had great empathy for her tiny sized corgi bladder in those moments and also had motivation to get up out of my nice warm bed. She would then not have accidents (she is not big on whinning or barking and sometimes I would miss her stratching). But they are only puppies for so long. One night I woke up to go to the bathroom and she continued to sleep. When I woke her up to go out she looked at me with her full teenage attitude of indignation that I had a problem because I could not go an entire night without getting up. Now she will only make noise if she knows I am already up- otherwise I get to sleep in.  


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