A few years ago, I was discussing dogs with some friends, and joked that no burglar would ever fear my dog, because, well, corgis are not famous for being fearsome.  

My friend (the owner of a Great Pyrenees) said, "Well, maybe a burglar who was terrified of dogs would be afraid of Edison."

And I said, "A burglar who is terrified of dogs is in serious need of some occupational hazard training."

And we all laughed, and I forgot about this conversation until Friday night.  That was the night my husband and I came home and discovered that our home had been broken in to (open doors, tampered windows) but that nothing had been stolen.  Edison must have howled the burglar out of here, because not only was nothing stolen, one of the doors showed evidence of someone trying to bust their way *out*.  Edison clearly sounds WAY bigger than he is.  :D

Edison's vigilant howl can be earshattering, and has often been inappropriately deployed, but I have never been more grateful for my good little watchdog.  We're just so happy that he's safe, grateful that he has saved us from a crazy amount of property loss, and from here on out, he gets forgiven for barking every time a neighbor slams a car door.  :)  


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Yay Edison!  Glad this story had a happy ending and he got to use his howling and barking in an appropriate way!

Way to go Edison!

And hopefully he got some steak!  If not,  it's overdue. Good job Edison, with a name like that you had a lot to live up to :-D

Hooray for Edison!!! :)

Nice job, Edison!  Jake has a very deceptive bark, too.  If you can't see him, you'd think he was a much larger dog based on his voice. 

Way to go Edison! Good boy for doing his job! Jack also sounds very big and honestly I would not want to be on the receiving end when he's mad.

I joke that no one can walk up the street without setting off the Corgi alarms. Neighbors have had minor things stolen from their yards, but (knock on wood) we have not and I think it's because of the dog.

So glad no one was hurt.

You know, the funniest thing about this is that Edison probably thinks he did just as good a job in barking away the burglar as he did every other time he has barked at nothing dangerous (the list includes chatty neighbors, approaching guests, nearby dogs and my in-laws' grandfather clock).  

Gosh, I really wish he could tell us what happened.  But chances are, he'd just say, "I heard a noise.  I yelled, and the noise went away.  I'm a good dog!"


Way to go Edison!!  That deserves a big steak!


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