I just wanted to see what ideas people had when their dogs are having issues with allergies. My girlfriend and I have been trying to find ways to help Buddy with his itchy skin. We give him baths with Earthbath- Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera shampoo and he doesn't itch himself for a good two days. Once he's been outside longer, he gets little red bumps on his groin and belly. He also starts to lick and bite at his legs and back area. We don't think its flees cause he is on comfortis and comb check every time we get back inside. We don't think its food cause he is able to relax after a bath, but the whole itchy process starts again once we take him for a walk. We live in Florida and allergies are bad year round, so we were wondering if anyone is doing something that is working to stop their little buddies from getting itchy. Thanks for all the help. 

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You can try an oatmeal based shampoo that seemed to help Napolean when he was itchy. Also, fish oil with his kibble might help . I can not remember the brand but can find out and post it. Poor little guy, we hate to see them in a bother.

We've tried using oatmeal based shampoos and it doesn't seem to do the trick. The one we are using is the only shampoo that can sooth his itch for a while. We are already using Natural Balance Salmon and Sweet Potato with fish oil pills as supplements. Thanks for the advise though. 

How often are you bathing him? This can also make it worse if you bathe them too often. Melissa's baby wipe idea is great BUT make sure you use the fragrance free ones.

We try to bathe him every two weeks and use baby wipes already. I've been walking him outside the complex to use the bathroom because I think the apartment complex may be spraying something on the grass that might be making him allergic. I noticed that his fur is soft all over his body except for his butt area. Its so dry and sometimes if we don't pay attention, he will try to bite it like a hot spot.

Wipe him down with baby wipes or a wet rag when you come in from a walk. Focus on areas of exposed skin and his feet. Give him fish oil, its a natural anti-inflammatory and helps with allergies. Don't use the shampoo you have been using but instead buy a shampoo that is oatmeal based and let it sit on the skin for 5 to 10 minutes, its easier on the skin and very soothing. You can give Benadryl 1 mg per pound up to every 8 hours for itchiness as well. 

We've started using the baby wipes and a wet paper towel afterwards and it seems to work. He still gets pretty itchy on his butt area and tries to bite like a hot spot. We have to put him in the cone of shame to stop him from hurting himself. We've also been giving him fish oil supplements and his food is salmon and sweet potato for the past few weeks. We've tried oatmeal, but it doesn't seem to work except for the one that we currently use. One of the non-soap/oatmeal based shampoos even gave him an allergic reaction to his whole body. We have tried the Benadryl for about two weeks, but he was still getting itchy and nothing changed. 

We give Luke generic claritin when he has the itchies. Benadryl is okay too.

We've tried giving generic Benadryl for about two weeks and it didn't stop the itching. How long did it take for the itchiness to go away?

Sometimes Bandit gets itchy, he bites at this feet and his belly and under arms(legs?) get red.  The first time this happened we went to the vet, and she said since he could be allergic to practiaclly anything, the best first treatment was to give him an OTC Benidril (just like people take).  So figuring a Benedril that knocks some people out might put Bandit to sleep, I gave him one anyway.  Guess what, only thing it did was keep him from itching, he stopped bitting his feet and his belly was no longer red.   Since then I've realized that when I start to sneeze in the spring, whatever I'm allergic to, seems to be the same thing that bothers him (totally weird).  So now we keep Benedril on hand.

However, I'd see what the vet says. 

Thanks for the advice. We've tried giving him Benadryl for about two weeks, but he still kept itching at himself for a while. We've stopped with the Benadryl and started wiping his feet with a baby wipe and a wet paper towel. I have a feeling that the apartment complex might be spraying the grass with something that is irritating him. We have noticed that the biting and licking on his paws has calmed down a lot since we have started wiping down his paws and walking outside of the complex for bathroom time, but he still itches at his butt area like a hot spot. 

Ask your vet about Betagen spray and Atopica. (http://www.us.atopica.com/index.htm) That would help the symptoms, but I don't have any suggestions on how to prevent them. Here in the midwest our dogs luck out during late fall/winter in terms of environmental allergies. Is he itchy anywhere else besides his groin/belly? 

He use to roll on his back a lot while grunting like he is trying to rub his back, but seems to have lessened ever since we have started to walk him further away from the usual bathroom area and wipe down his legs and body. 


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