We acquired a male corgi in June who is 1.5 years, my females are 2.5 years and 4 years. Since getting the male the two females have begun to fight on a daily basis and can only be stopped by dumping a pan of water on them. The fighting has resulted in the 4 year old needing stitches for her wounds. The male doesn’t get involved until the fights are already in progress, when he joins he always attacks my 4 year old. They are all fixed and we have been keeping the 2.5 year old separate from the 1.5 and 4 year old. Has anyone else gone through the same sort of situation or have any ideas on how to control them. Giving one up for adoption is not an option but we don’t want to have to keep them muzzled either. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks.

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First google Nothing In Life Is Free and follow it carefully. Next be sure to walk the two girls every day together. I would also leash them in the house. One can drag a leash and the more aggressive one should have the pleasure of spending a few days being with you all the time. Be sure to distract if "the stare" begins. Try to teach them that being by each other with out aggression is good by petting them or even treating when they are quiet. I always treat or feed in the same order and make it very clear whose is whose. You should decide the order.
Yes, I have had this and it's a real pain but...I have gotten control of the situation but am always aware that it could happen again. livvy was pregnant when this started to happen but since that 1st pregnancy and this last one Livvy has learned that she can play ball (several times a day I throw it long distances) and wear her out...alone or with sage but not with Wiley...my rescue who she picked on and then others got involved. They can eat together just not run loose together. Are there specific times that this has happened???? I had it happen when they were outside running around or I would be outside just about ready to enter the house after returning home. I would seperate them when you can't be right there and like Bev suggested have them leashed and follow the NILF also. It will take work and you must always think ahead but it can be done. Crate them or fence them when you leave...for all their safety as I always felt like such a terrible person for my little Wiley getting beat up!
do you have any idea what they're fighting about??? adding a new dog to a family can definitely throw the original dynamics out of place. is there a time of day that they fight??? is it around meal times? are they being protective of the new corgi or even of you or the other humans in your family?? are there any other details such as these that need to be observed???
Many times the new male isn't even in the room when the fight begins. It never happens right before or after their meal times, it's usually just when someone is in the house doing something, but we usually don't notice any sort of tense behavior, my mom was just standing in the kitchen and they went after each other, she wasn't cooking or anything. One of the only things I can think of is that the 4 year old sometimes nips at the other two's hind legs when they are being put outside, and maybe the 2.5 year old gets tired of it. It has only happened twice outside, all the other times have been indoors and for the last week it has been everyday until we finally seperated them completely yesterday. I just don't want them to seriously injured.


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