Dear Corgis,

Do any of you have an obsession with palm or finger licking ? Abalone seems to have an Unfathomable love for this little habit !

Would love to find friends of the same passion :)

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Do toes count? :)

Corgis are not into licking boby parts other than their own.  Does a cat who insists upon washing the INSIDE of your ear at 3 am count?

Oh wow. Thanks Linda. U r right. Abalone only likes and obsesses about licking her own palms :)

Sage is horrible and the only one of mine to do this. She not only licks but when I come home from being gone for hours she also takes her mouth and gently puts it around my hand...strange dog:)

Frosty has spaz tongue.  The minute you touch him anywhere, his tongue immediately starts going in and out.  On you if possible, into the air if he can't reach you.  Drives me nuts.  He is always licking, licking, licking, ugh.  I always make him stop, but my husband lets him do it.  So gross!  One or two hello kisses is ok.  5 minutes licking the human is not ok lol.

Catching them red-handed everyday is a fu time job. Thx for sharing Frosty's story Chris :)

Lilly will lick fingers / hands while she is getting pets, but will stop as soon as I tell her.  Brody on the other hand is an obsessive foot / toe licker.  He will lick his for hours if we let him and will lick and bare human toes available.  When we were visiting my sister in law she was barfoot and Brody would take a lick everytime he walked past.  He was too quick for her to even tell him to "Leave it".  We constantly work on trying to make him stop licking his paws, but after 8 years somehow I doubt we're going to be very successful..... "sigh"

Oh my goidbess
That is exactly how Abalone behaves :)

My Fergus at 6 months old is a toe obsessed man mine his own -- his brothers it does not matter he licks and licks and licks ... and lets not even discuss what happens when I get out of the shower lol... NO TOES is a constant in my house..


Darcy LOVES to lick fingers and toes.  In fact, as I sit in my recliner to watch t.v., she'll often waddle by and give me a quick "lick" on my foot and go about her merry way.  Or sometimes, she'll sit down and lick, lick, lick.  

It's partly because I offered "kissing" to her as an option for all that biting she was doing as a puppy.  I'd say the word "kiss" and she'd lick me and get praised for it.  Soon, the kissing replaced all those nasty biting tendencies.  I've heard that licking can become a compulsion for some, and/or a nervous habit.  But Darcy doesn't over-do it, thankfully.

My Lilliput loves to lick fingers, especially little girl finger through the fence. The girls call her "Licky-put."


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