My corgi Pebble has been acting a little weird since I picked her up from the boarding place yesterday after the long weekend. (She's almost 11mo)

She still hasn't peed since last night and just moments ago I discovered dried blood stain around her private area.

What should I do? Will it get messy? So far I didn't see any blood stain on the floor.

She's now licking her private area and drinking water, still not peeing.

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yes, she will get messy for the next 2-3 weeks. Go and get 2 pairs of re-useable diaper from petsmart, use a pair of odd socks and sew up the "tail hole". You can get "equate" brand pads (cheapest) from walmart and change it daily. DO NOT Walk your dog except for potty. DO NOT let her come in contact with male dogs even with the diaper on. Expect mood swing during the next couple of weeks. Her hormone will cause her personality to change temporary and she may snap at other dogs.
Is she un fixed? If so do what Sam says, if she is fixed take her into the vet to check for an infection.
how about taking her out to walk on a leash?
she needs a lot of exercise e.g. daily walks, or else she won't eat.

she's not fixed (yet)
because our vet told us to wait until her first period.

Hi Gary & Jo, depending on where you live, it is highly discouraged, all it takes is one persistent male, once it's on, it's on. It is a call a "tie" - meaning the penis will swell inside her and "lock" her vagina in place, you will not be able to physically separate them.

Also dogs in your neighbourhood will lick and test area whee she peed to determine when she's "ready", you may find Peb urine mark / pee more, it's like leaving "business cards" saying she's available :)

You want to keep your activity indoor as much as possible. Some dogs tend NOT to eat much during the heat cycle, so don't be alarm. Good luck!
Also, be aware that just because you don't see blood doesn't mean she's not still in heat and fertile. You need to do some research on dog heats and make sure you know all you can to be responsible and make sure she does not have a chance to get pregnant. Good luck.
She could be in heat (is she swollen?) or she could have a UTI that is preventing her from peeing and the "blood" is the dark scant urine that she is able to produce. That would also explain the behavioral changes.

If she is not peeing, that's not the heat cycle (peeing has nothing to do with estrus). If she doesn't eliminate soon, she needs to be seen.

If she is in heat, whether or not she also has a UTI, you shouldn't notice anything odd. Some girls get a little bit clingier but most of them barely notice that they're in heat unless there's a boy around. I've had dozens and dozens of heat cycles in my house and unless I'm trying to time a breeding they're a snooze-fest, trust me.

Some need diapers but many do not. If she keeps herself clean you can just let her do it.

Never EVER have I had a male dog show up. My girls are walked as often as they'd like and they run in the (fenced) yard at will; I keep an eye on them, but then I always keep an eye on them.

I used to believe all the stories about how a male dog just jumped out of the bushes or something and got a female pregnant, but doing my own breedings completely changed my mind. If I can get an inexperienced dog and bitch to tie in under 45 minutes I am pleased and relieved; most of the time it practically takes heavy equipment. If a male dog who actually knew what he was doing showed up, you would have MORE than enough time to pick her up and just walk home.

If this is her heat cycle, she needs to be watched for between three and four weeks; after that she will no longer be fertile. She can be spayed three months after the first spot of blood.
Back in the day when I was little and we had an unspayed female, we definitely would have male dogs showing up. And I've heard personal stories of females getting pregnant in a hurry. It depends on if there are any loose males in your general neighborhood, and sometimes you don't know til it's too late.

As far as picking her up and walking home, first of all I wouldn't want to carry a 30-pound-dog a mile or two home. And also, that's assuming the male is not intimidating or aggressive around you. I wouldn't want to take that gamble and end up getting bitten by some strange dog.
We had male dogs show up 30 years ago too. But I've now lived in urban Chicago, extremely rural WV, suburban MA and NH, and a variety of other places with intact bitches and, in all those dozens of heat cycles, never had a dog show up. It's just simply not a problem in almost all areas, with leash laws and the more widespread spay/neuter.

If you have a large, loose, aggressive male dog show up on your walk, you've got a major problem that has absolutely nothing to do with whether your bitch is in heat or he's neutered. I could also be walking along and be hit by a car, which would (again) have nothing to do with whether my bitch is in heat.

One of the things that really bugs me, as a dog person, is the complete myth that owning testicles (or a uterus) is a problem that needs to be solved or a disease that needs to be cured. Intact dogs are not more aggressive, intact females are not nutty, neither of them is some kind of ticking time bomb. Nobody should be afraid of owning a dog who has the body he or she was born with.
For the past few days she's been eating and drinking normally.

I avoided daily walk because I want to minimize the chance of her getting pregnant, plus I am not sure if she sits on the street will get bacteria or infection what so ever.

Her vagina is now swollen, around twice the size than normal.

Before today she's been bleeding like a drop or two every few hours.

But just now she was bleeding quite a lot so I put diaper on her.

She seems very disoriented with her diaper on.

When should I take off the diaper to let her pee? Or you think she's gonna pee on the diaper?

Take off the diaper before you go out to let her pee, I had experience where my girl thought it was okay to poop as well (eeew!!! and yes it was her first heat)


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