So for the most part, Winston has been a real champ about diet changes. For the two years, he ate nothing but Blue Buffalo and did really well on that.


When I moved to Seattle, Blue Buffalo became a real pain to locate nearby. I don't have a car anymore (yay for public transit ^_^ ) so lugging a 25lb bag around was too much for me and buying smaller bags isn't cost effective IMO.


So at MudBay I had been buying TotW Salmon which he loved. (The Buffalo we bought was also salmon. Before TotW, we fed Orijen but it's a little pricier... so...) But then there was that food scare with TotW and in the meanwhile, a friend gave us some Canadae treats. Winston absolutely went nuts for the Canadae treats and I looked into the food and figured it was really good quality and at MudBay, it is almost the same price. So I switched him to Canadae. And at some prior point, I was worried about Winston developing fish allergies so I had been periodically rotating from fish to turkey to lamb and then back to fish.


Well, we bought some of Canadae's Lamb and Rice (I can't remember the exact title now) but it seems like it has been really not good for him. I am concerned if maybe Winston is allergic to either Brown Rice or Lamb... Ever since we got the Lamb&Rice from Canadae, Winston has been on and off sick-ish. He seems just fine but in the mornings, some days he vomits little bits of yellowish bile. It isn't much, but it's made me concerned.


So do I need to take him to the vet or just switch his food back to Fish/Turkey? Any and all advice is much appreciated. Sorry I wrote a novel here....

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Hmm yeah I was feeding Winston carefully to avoid grains and I guess I got kind of careless with Canadae. I think it must be the brown rice - for some reason I totally didn't put together that rice=grains. I'll switch him back to a grain-free food and see if that clears it up. Thanks for this!

I like Canidea all life stages.  I would use TOTW but have too many dogs. I have been using this for years and my dogs have always thrived on it. I do have 3 dogs that I add a 1/4-1/2 cup warm water too and this could try that!

I've added a little bit of water to soften it up and it seems to encourage Winston to eat a smidge slower, haha. My only other issue is I can't seem to "fatten" him up at all. I know he is roughly the right weight but he simply won't seem to fill out. I'm wondering if maybe he just has leaner body genes. His mother and father didn't look slender though.

How old is Winston? They do go through a skinny stage and extra food does help but he will still not fully fill out till close to two.

Yeah Winston hit 3 in July. I kept thinking he would plump out but he's still rather lean.

It took Sage a long glad because less is better than too heavy! Just like people they all grow at different time lines!

Look up Darwin's.  Seattle company, delivers raw meat frozen to your door.  We got started on that because or first cprgi pup had bad itching, gnawing sores in her skin.  This ended when my wife switched her to a raw meat diet.

We also feed  some Wellness kibble that has barley in it.

I've been thinking about raw food for Winston but it will have to wait until I move into a different apartment. Right now, since I'm in a studio, I'm stuck with a mini fridge. >_< Awful little things. And no room for freezing or keeping things frozen, sadly. Although it has forced me to learn to cook more creatively, so there's a plus. And of course, Winston loves it when I chop lots of veggies because he always seems to get some.

I'm not informed enough to offer any advice about various foods, but I do want to suggest you order online and have the food delivered in bulk when you do find the food that works. I have a medical restriction and cannot drive or carry large bags of food. Since most stores and feed and grain sites deliver, you can stock up without having to lug it yourself. You can also get things that are not readily available in your area. Good luck.

Thanks! I'm thinking I might do that and combine it with that doggy monthly gift box, if anyone knows what I'm talking about... But it's a service that for around $20/month, delivers a box with an assortment of treats and toys.


But I switched Winston back to the Salmon Canadae and I'm seeing how he does. I really think it must be that Brown Rice. I feel terrible for giving him that.


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