I know there have been a couple of threads about picky eaters on the forums.. but my 7-month old boy is one hell of a fussy eater and the fact that it's very hard to get him to eat worries me a bit since he is still growing and should, in theory, be wolfing food down. 

I have found that variety does get him eating slightly better, so my question is.. what are some suggestions for "wet" foods I can mix with his kibble? I have so far tried a couple of branded wet foods (high quality) which he liked for a short period of time but got sick of. As far as non-dog-brand foods I've tried minced turkey, scrambled egg, and Tuna/ mackerel. He liked all of these but won't eat them more than twice in a row...! What other things shall I try? 

I know i should probably just give him the option to eat for 20 mins then take the bowl away, etc.. but he will literally go days without eating, and at his age it's just not healthy. He's never been really food-focused, doesn't care much for treats, always eats very slowly, etc.. It's a funny one. 

Any insights would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance

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I look forward to your update after the Vet's visit. I hope he can help shed some light on what is going on with your pup.

CBC= Complete Blood Count. Basic bloodwork which gives red and white count and stuff.   Please do keep us posted!   He's a handsome pup.

My puppy was picky and we had to try a couple of foods before we found a couple that he likes.  I kind of feel like they know what makes them feel good and what doesn't.  They can have allergies to foods just like us.  The fact that he is throwing up, stomach gurgling, etc. could indicate a problem with the food but a visit to the vet is the safe route to go.

Also check to make sure his food isn't one of the ones that was just recalled.

Ooops I just realized you are over in London so I doubt the recall would affect you.

My two are the same way! And it dives me crazy.  My male also would go a day or two without eating, to the point where he would vomit bile becasue his stomach was empty. They sampled many foods and  finally found a food they like and I figured out the stinkier the food the more they love it.  I have them on Orijen Regional Red. They do love it but still go through times when they refuse to eat becasue they want something added to it.  I started mixing the Halo canned food with their dry and they wolf it down and then ask for more.  I also mix green beans or pumpkin in it if I am out of the canned.  I only put 1 heaping teaspoon in their bowls and just make sure to mix it well so all kibble has a bit on it.  They seem to like the Halo Spots stew beef, chicken and vegan canned.  I get the 5 oz cans and split between the two.  a little goes a long way, as I try not to spoil them.  My first 2 corgi's never went a day without eating, once the food was put down it was gone within seconds, so now having 2 new ones who do not eat like that at all is just odd to me.  God Luck at the vet and I hope its just him being a picky eater and nothing else!

Well for his basic kibble (in my case Purina Pro Plan) I just use the stuff the breeder gave him as a pup and recommended.  I guess it might be an issue if adopting an adult and not knowing the previous diet.  

I also feed Dipper two "raw" meals a week, usually a chicken drumstick one night and a pork hock (sliced, about one inch thick and three inches around) on the other.  Note that a pork hock is not cooked.  Anyhow he definitely loves raw meat on the bone. About 12 to 18 hours later the stool is chalk white instead of Purina brown. GN

Any update on the little guy?

My dog is super picky too and I've tried a lot of things. I don't like mixing in wet because it's messy so I found a dog gravy at PetCo. I feed him a very healthy Innova brand food and mix in a smidgin of gravy. Works for me.

hey all - the vet seemed to think he was ok but we are taking stool samples which will be sent off today. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the visit there but we'll start with that and see what we can find that way. I may bring him somewhere else if we really can't find a solution. 

In the meantime he's been eating a little better over the last few days but it still takes effort, he's not making it easy for us. I will probably be trying a couple of sample bags of some new kibble as well and see if I can find something that he goes for a bit more keenly.

Thanks all for your input and I will let you know how we get on!!

Lilly was picky, I switched between puppy chow and canidae for a while.  Now I give them just canidae.  A spoonful of plain yogurt in it in the morning, and a sardine in it at night.  I feed them twice a day.  They love whole carrots as a snack, and I did make those frozen dog treats...that was a hit too. 

hi all - an update on lil Django - his stool samples revealed both a bacteria (campylobacter) as well as a parasite (Giardia), both of which we are now treating. My guess would be he has probably been carrying both for a little while now, so very glad to have started the process of getting rid of them. 

Giardia in particular can apparently cause a decrease in appetite so hopefully he'll be eating with more determination over the next couple of weeks (antibiotics for 3 weeks for the bacteria).

Thanks a lot for all of your input everyone! You rock. 

Glad you found out...hope he feels better soon!


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