So with my corgi puppy arriving at the end of the month, I've been giving a lot of thought to what I will be feeding my little bundle of fur.  My current dog has been fed Science Diet since he was a puppy and, frankly, I'm not really as happy with it as I used to be. I would like to switch him over to something else, something that I can feed to both him and our new puppy (once she's old enough to switch her off of what the breeder has been feeding her).  I've settled on giving Taste of the Wild a try, but I have a question or two.


Poor Yuki put on 10 lbs over the past year.  It wasn't his diet (at least not solely his diet), but changes in his activity levels.  He sort of wound down after he hit 2 years old.  On top of that, we moved to a house with hardwood floors (no more frapping indoors!) and a smaller yard.  I was also pregnant at the time, so his walks weren't as long or as fast.  The good news is that we've got him down a few pounds already by feeding him through a treat ball and walking him more!


My question is this:  Have any of you had any weight control issues while on Taste of the Wild? 


I tried him on some Wellness Core (reduced fat) and am not sure if Taste of the Wild would slow or stop his weight loss.  Is there a formula that is less fattening than others?  I plan on trying the Pacific Stream formula since it's lower protein, but is there another one that would be a better choice? 



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Science Diet has corn in it:( If you check any dog food  rating Science Diet will not be there. Might be ok for a dog with health issues.Personally if you put it in human terms....corn is a carb and neither dogs or humans need as much carbs as we get.


I feed all my dogs TOTW including pups and love it. You will need to make sure not to over feed Yuki and maybe add some green beans to replace some of what he's getting. The pup will need more food for awhile.Low cal dog foods aren't better it's more the amount!


I believe you're on the right track by switching!


Good luck and congrats on your new addition!

Yeah, that's one of the reasons why I want to switch.  My Veterinarian's office always pushed it as being really great, but when I actually read the labels and started researching different foods I realized it's just a bunch of corn and grains with little meat. With any luck his eyes will stop tearing once he's off of corn and grains.


Over feeding shouldn't be too much of an issue.  His ideal weight is roughly the same as a larger male corgi (about 32 lbs.) and he currently gets 1 Cup (I use a 1/2 C measuring cup as his food scoop) of food per day with veggies as treats.  So I'll probably increase the veggies if he seems more hungry than usual.

Corn is thought to be a common canine allergen, right?  I'd thought that was the problem, not carbs per se (we supplement the raw meat with Wellness kibble, which has barley).

Whatever you feed, limit Yuki's portion size ruthlessly.

We have hardwood floors, too.  Provide nonskid throw-rugs for takeoff and landing zones.

Yes, corn is an allergen but I have supported at least 8 people to lose over 100#'s and that also means getting many less carbs! Whole grains such as barley, rice,oats etc. are good for you and dogs but that is usually the whole grains not ground up filler. That's just my opinion. The other like you said John is portion size. All the super size people meals don't benefit anyone:( Most people don't have a clue that a serving of pasta,rice and many grains is 1/2 cup not a bowl full.


Fruits and veggies are great!!!!!

Yeah, I'm working on getting a carpet remnant for the living room so that he and the puppy can run at least between there and the dining room (which already has an area rug).  9x12 area rugs are way too expensive compared to remnants.


And luckily his treat ball only holds 1/2 C of kibble at a time (which is what he gets, twice per day).  It keeps his meals all the same size and keeps him moving for about an hour.  I'm hoping I won't have to adjust the portion down, but if I do he'll just get more beans for dessert.  :)

I would think that would be fine. Mine get about 1 1/2 cups per day and lots of exercise and you pup will probably need at least 1 1/2 per day.
If you look on the TOTW website it lists how many calories are in each formula. I just took a quick look but it looks like the Sierra Mountain (338 kcal/cup) and the Pacific Stream (360 kcal/cup) formulas are on the lower end calorie wise. You could always substitute part of Yuki's meal with green beans if she'll eat them.
Yuki eats any fruit or veggie we let him have, so adding more to his diet certainly won't bother him in the least.  ;)  And thanks for the calorie info!  For some reason the TotW site wasn't loading up for me earlier, so I couldn't get the nutrition information.
Oops, sorry Yuki, HE!
Yuki's TotW food arrived last night and I threw a few bits of kibble into his bowl last night and this morning.  He actually sits and picks those out of the bowl first before he'll eat the rest of his food.  I think it's safe to say he likes it!  Hopefully he'll do well enough digesting it as we slowly increase the amount he gets.
Great...I'm sure he'll love it!!!!


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