I knew something wasn't right with Snicker's tooth, but went into denial for several months. Finally realized that I was seeing pulp (a tiny spot of red) on the tooth, and wishing it away wasn't working. So she went in for an extraction and the vet found that the other big pre-molar was broken too. I think she probably broke them on antlers, so I am giving away the new ones that she hadn't gotten yet. The vet laughed at me, saying she doesn't have the molars that they break by chewing, but I want the antlers out of the house. Poor little girl has to struggle just to gnaw on a Greenie now, where before she was the fastest of our 3 dogs to finish them. Anyway, if you would like the antlers, I will mail them to you. I'll take requests until 4/15 (tax day) and then draw a name out of a hat to choose the "winner".

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Willow would love these, go ahead and put us in the drawing, and thanks for offering them

I'd like to enter the antler raffle. Gendry cant chew enough right now. Sorry about your little sweetheart!

I hope Snickers feels better soon! Jeff would love these :) Thank you!

I am thinking of going back to the vet to see if we can put those broken teeth back into Snickers' mouth! She has reverted to being a hellion! I thought she was being calmer the past 6 months or so was because she is getting older- 6 years this month- but NO, it was the painful teeth.  She is often referred to as "the EVIL one" because she nips at Jack Spaniels when she gets excited. This week she has been ripping fur out and making him cry. She gets so wound up and excited that she is out of control- barking and running around for any reason.  Someone came HOME. YIP YIP "jump on Jack" run around in circles, YIP YIP, Chomp Jack's leg, Jump on unlucky person who walked in the door, etc.

Hopefully, the novelty of feeling good again will wear off and she will start acting more dignified soon- right now her feet rarely touch the ground.

I've always loved to buy the cow femur beef bones.  The dogs will disappear for days with them.  Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch.....

I can't think of what else might have broken Al's tooth.  Gwynnie's been OK.

NOTE:  we discovered Al's broken tooth by accident.  We weren't on the ball.  The vet spotted it when we took them in for parvo shots.

I have vowed to start brushing Snicker's teeth every day. So far I have remembered lots of times, but only after we are all in bed LOL. But even brushing wouldn't have let me see that there was something wrong with the tooth, because brush by feel. The reason I saw that the tooth wasn't right was because I was looking for it- I knew bones could break teeth, especially because she is such a vigorous chewer. But is still took me a while to figure out what was wrong.

You might consider giving this to Snicker:  http://www.amazon.com/Proden-PlaqueOff-Dental-Care-180gm/dp/B000QAE...

Our dogs don't mind it sprinkled on their food.  I just started it a week ago, and based on the instructions, plan to continue it for many weeks to get the results.  It was recommended to me by a friend who says that after six weeks she was able to pick the plaque off her older dog's teeth, and the light brown coloring on her younger dog's upper back teeth was gone after four weeks.  To me it's worth it to never have to have my dogs anesthetized. 

O.K., time to make someone happy! First I wrote each of your names on a slip of paper, then clipped a little piece of Beggin' Strip to it:

Next I told Snickers to sit and wait while I dumped the box of goodies on the ground:

When I release her, the first name she sniffs will be the winner:

And the winner is.......

Jane Christensen and her thundering herd! Congratulations, Jane, if you will accept my friend request, and private message your address, I will sent your 3 antlers on their way!  Thank you all for playing!

Hahaha, I laughed pretty hard when I saw how you chose the winner for the antler give away.  Congrats Jane!

I can't believe she was so calm about getting her beggin strips! Congrats to Jane!

WOW....you just made some Corgis VERY HAPPY! Now I NEVER win anything so it had to be Wynn that won them:)
'thank-you, thank-you" I just showed 4 people how you did this and they were quite impressed!



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