Funny way to "play" with toys... any "you're home!" rituals?

The first two days I had Leo (it's been about five now!), he showed no interest in the toys we bought him, which was disappointing... but after he started getting (very quickly) attached to my boyfriend and I, he would get upset when we would leave the apartment and sit by the pet gate (keeping him away from the cats for now) waiting for us to come back.


One of the toys we bought him is a strange little plush "turnip" with a white head and green, crinkly leaves coming from the top. Now whenever we come home, Leo gets so excited, jumping around, then quickly turns around and runs for his turnip, grabs it in his mouth, and spins around in a circle with it and basically does a little "turnip dance" for us when we get home. At first I thought he wanted me to play with him with it, but if you try to touch the turnip while he has it he suddenly loses interest in it and drops it. It's the cutest thing!


Do any of your corgis have any strange rituals they do when you get home, with or without them having come with you? Leo pretty much ignores his turnip the rest of the time.

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Wynn greets me at the door with whatever he can find to bring me:) Usually a toy but it is sometimes a shoe or piece of paper. The others bark but he quietly parades around knowing he will get the attention 1st for being such a good, quite boy!

When I get home Baxter is waiting by the gate at the top of the stairs. He stretches and lets out an adorable "Arrrrooooooo." Then comes up to me happily, runs away, and brings over a random toy. Then more stretching and licks ensue.

Maddie is usually waiting by the door and gets excited and wags her whole back end.  Jack takes his sweet time getting up from his nap, but then grabs a toy and starts running around to play chase.  Maddie gets excited by Jack's running and starts chasing after him, barking and nipping at his backside.  If Maddie can't find the cat, she runs around the house looking in very unlikely places for the cat (usually Maddie looks around at dog-level; she still hasn't figured out that the cat is likely to be up high).  She'll do laps around the house til she spies the cat, but then once she finds the cat she ignores it and goes back to chasing Jack.


It makes for very funny home-comings!

Noodles likes to see our reaction to wherever he might be laying. Once we acknowledge him, he will jump down and run over to us. He wants kisses and belly rubs. He also stretches and then runs to find his nearest toy. He has a special routine with his daddy, but only after work. They both lay on their backs, heads touching each other and they look at each other. Then Noods gets up and rubs his head against his daddy's head and gives him kisses.

yah, my crazy girl will do the whole " OMG, gotta run" when I get home...she usually finds her favorite toy which is a tennis ball of any type and will drop it at my feet and wait. If I should not get to it in under 30 seconds she will either play keep away with me or play with herself which is also amusing.

During dinner she will bring a toy of high value to her and try to play " Trade" for human food. This includes the pittful me stare and slowly nudging the ball or bone closer to the chair randomly. If that person dosen't give in she then trys another person in the house to see if the same results are gotten.


When Waffle gets really excited, he grabs whatever he can in his mouth and flings it around.  He doesn't want you to grab it.  I think it's just a displacement behavior for his excitement.  He knows he isn't supposed to get too crazy when I come home. I spent a while teaching him to calm down when someone comes inside, so now there's toy flinging.

Bugsy is almost ALWAYS in his crate when I get home (if he didn't leave with daddy that day). He doesn't even come out at first! It's almost like I'm interrupting his (day-long) nap. Then he slowly comes out, waddles over & does the "pet my tummy" flop & roll. He is super lovey & wants lots of touching, hugging, cuddles, etc . Then it's leash & collar time & he gets all excited!

If he wants to play - he's pretty much like the rest. He'll grab a toy & bring it to you. He'll get a little bossy & vocal. sometimes he plays toss-the-toy solitaire. Sometimes he stands by his bin (a 'retired" kitchen trash can) & stares at it or gets up on his hind legs & peeks in. "Can I have a different toy, Mommy?"

That is more of his i suspect shiba inu side, he looks part shiba correct me if im wrong. Shibas are not toy driven dogs, my dad has a shiba mix and my sisters best friend has a shiba and both do the same thing. Once and i while i can get my dads shiba mix to play a little tug when he does his dance as you call it when i come over but not offten. And from what i have talked to shiba owner this is the norm for them. Mine corgi's will run up, stretch and then walk around me in circles like swarming sharks. It is hillarious, we know what they are going to be this halloween lol.

Spencer will greet us with his ears down wiggling his butt and toy in mouth. He will wiggle back and forth between my husband and I until we get down on the floor and give him love. All the while his ears are down and his butt is full wiggle. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen and need to capture it on video.
oh gawd I can Never resist the ears-down full body wiggle...


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