I posted this in the wrong section so I'm posting this again. I would like to know your opinions on what ill need and what kinds of toys and chews are safe. if you prefer wire or plastic crate and why. This will be my first puppy on my own so any information is appreciated.

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She says she only breeds registered dogs but she hasn't been registering the litters these days unless she plans on keeping one for her breeding program

My thought...if she can show you the parents AKC registration and they are nice dogs...the registration paper is only a paper. I'm not sure but you might be able to register it a CKC??? You have to do what you feel comfortable with...my rescues(Teddy and Wiley) don't have papers but that makes no difference to me:)

Can't one contact the kennel club to ascertain whether the dogs are registered?

One wonders how much meaning this formality has: http://investigations.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/05/01/18001915-akc-reg...

I'd want to see where the dogs are housed, how the puppies are cared for, and whether they're kept in the human house until the buyers come to pick them up. How the animals are treated, their health, and their temperaments are the important things, if this is to be a pet and not a show dog.

well it's official I have put down my non refundable deposit for a female red/white or a male of any color. my breeder says she buys eagle pack puppy food and I have never heard of it and was wondering if any of you have? I'm thinking once adult to switch to blue buffalo or something.

I've never heard of Eagle Pack.  I've been feeding Lucy Solid Gold, and going to try Innova (her breeder recommended both).  I think more importantly, feed your corgi adult food or large breed puppy food.  These types of foods allow your corgi to grow more slowly, which is better for their long backs and joints.

have you heard of orijen dog food?

I have, and I remember people saying good things about it.  Here is a website where you can see reviews of dog food by brand and formula: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/brand/

The holistic vet I met recommended Fromm's. It's well liked at Dog Food Advisor.

I'd say make sure to read the following and babyproof your home AND YOUR HABITS re. snack food bags; it could save your new friend:

Snack food bags kill corgis

Mention it to everybody you meet, too.  It happens.


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