Ok with summer here, my g/f and I have been going to my complex pool and been swimming/tanning.

If theres no one else at the pool we take our 8month old corgi with us. At first he was curious about it but was scared. So i took him and placed him in the pool where he freaked out swam to the edge right away.

Id lure him in with treats, but hes smart.

I even carried him gently in the pool but he would start "air-paddling" with his paws and as soon as he touches water goes crazy. I would eventually get him to calm down once hes in the water, but id have to be holding him. As soon as i let go though, he bursts to the edge and once i let him out would hide like 5-6ft from the pool.

I regret not introducing him to the water as a puppy, but i also want to plan a outdoor activity this summer and go to a lake and go swimming with him as well as paddle boarding which we plan on purchasing a life jacket for him.

What will get him to relax around the water?

Will getting him a life jacket help him fear the water less?

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Are you placing him in deep water or can he touch the bottom of the pool? We take our dogs to the beach and Baxter loves to swim, but Ziggy is not a big fan. He will go up to the water, but he won't go in it. I think he doesn't like the waves. You might want to try to get him use to being just a little in the water, where he can touch the bottom and walk around before you just put him in the pool full on. Kind of like giving him a choice. If there is an area where he can have just his feet in, I'd treat and praise him a lot and try to get him to play with a toy and gradually let him comfortable with the idea of being completely in the water.


I am definitely interested in hearing other responses to this post.

Wells theres steps that lead 3 ft and the deepest part is 6 ft

When i place him on the steps he just runs out lol

I don't have experience with this but would wonder about the effects of Chlorine in the pool water.  He also may not like the smell of that, while the lake would be more of a natural environment.

I took Chase to the beach for the first and second times less than a week ago. The first time I did not take him in the water far enough to swim, I just walked him on a leash where he could reach. I would run into the water and be all excited and happy so that he would run with me. I don't know if this would work with other dogs though because Chase is a mama's boy and follows me everywhere, that's exactly how he got his name. But I would suggest allowing your pup to hang out in the shallow parts, even if you need to leash him and just sit on the steps with him. Make it fun while you're hanging out there with him, bring his favorite toy or maybe one that will float. Talk in a comforting voice and just kind of take it slow. Then once he is comfortable in the shallow area, take him to a little deeper. It sounds like he would be more comfortable if you would hold onto him for a while you're in the pool before you actually put him in the water, that's what I did with Chase. Then after a while let him swim while you're still holding him, like you would a small child. Once you get a life jacket you can use the little handle on top to hold onto him, and then put your other hand under his belly so he can feel you. Once he is comfortable with the surroundings he will not be as afraid.
As far as the Chlorine concern, I am not sure about that. I surely wouldn't let him drink the water and it probably wouldn't be good if they got much of it in their eyes, but I'm allergic to Chlorine that might just be me. You have to be careful no matter what. In beaches and lakes there is a threat of marine life that may like to snack on you and/ or your pet and the pool isn't the cleanest place for people or animals even if you don't consider the pool chemicals. It's just important to keep an eye out either way.

When we first got Sophie, she was very fearful of a lot of things. Water was a big hurdle. Her previous owner had tried to force her to swim at the beach, and she ended up going under the water & refused to go near it. Recently, on a vacation to West Virginia, we took both the dogs to a local swimming area at one of their lakes. At first she was having no part of it, but once she seen our other dog playing around in the water with some of his toys, she slowly started to wade in the water, and eventually she was swimming out in the deeper areas with Kail.

I'm not entirely sure if it was Kail that helped, or if she just wanted his toys that badly, but either way it was a success. Perhaps making a game of it would help? A floating toy, or a buddy that's already used to being in the water?

Also, I've heard that chlorine can cause damage to their coats. I've not done any research on it, twas just something I heard working in the salon.

Best of luck!

That picture is adorable, Brittany!  You can see the determination in Sophie's eyes. 

As far as liking water, Scout doesn't like any water that is man made (pools, hoses, sprinklers, etc.) but she LOVES to wade in creeks and lakes.  Waves also kind of freak her out, so it it is a windy day, she is not too thrilled.  Hopefully when you do go to the lake, she will learn that water is fun.

Lovely picture Brittany, the smile is contagious!

what an adorable picture and a sweet little face!
It's great that she got over her big fear of water! Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking when they try to force things on dogs. Animals are just like people, they have likes and dislikes. Some will love the water and some prefer not to be in it. It is always very important to pay attention to your dog's personality and interests. Many times if you introduce something and make it as fun as possible they will grow to love it, then when they've had enough make it easy for them to exit.
But if you try to force it on them, they probably never will like it. They'll hate it instead.

I have always introduced mine at the beach. They can touch the ground and enter as far as they want. Two of mine loved going right in swimming and one prefers to wade around but they all love it. Our doberman was afraid of water until she played with a lab that went right in and now she loves it too. I don't know about the pool, the chlorine would worry me.

Maddie swims like a fish and loves it.  Jack loves water but hates to swim.  He will if I make him but he heads straight for the edge.  He will, however, wade for hours.  

I really don't know how to make a dog like swimming.  Many wild animals swim if they have to but not for fun.  Labs and the like have been selected to enjoy swimming, but even then it's best to introduce them as puppies.    I would not continue to carry her it; that would make it worse.  You might try by getting some really fun floating toys and starting where her feet can touch the ground and working up to having her swim just the shortest of distances and see if that helps.

Some corgis like the water, some don't SIdney can't stand it. It might be best for your corgi to just accept he's not a water dog and not stress him out. Find activities away from the water to enjoy. You can't force a square peg into a round hole without damaging either the peg or the hole.

I think there is a big difference between a natural water place and a pool because at a lake or beach they can just get their feet wet like if it was raining outside. With a pool it is all or nothing. Snickers only goes in the water to chase Jack- her favorite thing to do in the whole world.


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