For all of you that use green beans in your Corgi's diet I need some guidelines.  I assume most of you do it to maintain a healthy weight without starving your dog. (I know, don't ask them, they will always tell you they are starving.)

Poopdeck gets carrots as snacks and I have cut him back to  less than 3/4 cup twice a day.  We are working on the exercise end of things.  So how many green beans do you feed per meal?  Cooked or raw?

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We have been doing it for about 6 months now, our vet and our trainer also said that you can use canned pumpkin, which we do when we want to switch it up a bit.

And do you incorporated some kibbles along with the beans, or just the veggies by themselves for one meal a day?


I add the green beans to their kibble but mine would eat them plain. Since I feed them twice a day, I add the beans to their kibble once or twice a day.

I get the big bags of frozen beans at Costco.  Redford gets a handful per meal (how do you measure when they're long beans) because he always wants to eat.  Tucker gets one bean because we're trying to get weight on him and we don't want him filling up on them.  Both of them eat their beans first.  Butler stopped eating them so I stopped giving them to him.

Chewey gets 1/2 cup of kibble twice a day... for dinner I usually just add a little bit of whatever fresh vegies we are eating (green beans, sweet potato, carrots, etc.), just for a bit of extra variety/fiber/fill.  So far the only thing I've ever seen him turn down are fresh greens (lettuce, spinach, etc), unless of course I accidentally drop some that has dressing on it... then he's all over it.      He typically weighs between 29-30 lbs which seems about right for his build.

Shanna....maybe that's why neither Max or Katie have had any problems in that area.  Both have been eating beans for 6 years for Max and 5 years for Katie.


Max was horribly obese when we got him..he was 5 yo and was 54 lbs.  Pot belly pig with a corgi head was an apt description of him.  I got the weight off him using the same diet I use today with a lot of exercise.  Katie's weight was fine when we got her and have kept it that way.  I did use Pedigree Weight Control but in the winter with less exercise...I hate the cold...he always put a few pounds on.  Since I switched them to Blue Buffalo Healthy Weight he doesn't gain in the winter like he use to.  He has been staying at 35 lbs which is good for him...he is one of those big boned corgis with paws that are as big as my hand.

i suspect i have the only corgi that doesn't like vegetables. i tried to give linus green beans (canned, no sodium) with his dinner and he picked the beans out one by one and dropped them next to his bowl, then he ate his kibble. he also won't eat carrots, bananas or watermelon. he'll lick these things and chase them around the floor, but will not chew and swallow.

Both my dogs get 1/3 cup of kibble twice a day, plus 10-12 frozen cut green beans.

I have been adding pumpkin, peas and/or green beans to Sully's dog food to try to resolve issues with constipation and impacted anal gland problems. I give her 1/3 cup of food in the morning and another 1/3 cup at night. I count the vegts. as part of that 1/3 C. She is overweight at about 24 lbs. I think she needs to lose at least 5 lbs. She has a wide waist. She isn't exactly a star athlete! If I try to extend her walk she gives me the "Are you serious?!" look. Does anyone have any ideas to help with constipation? I have had some success with the veggies but not that much.

I've used raw/frozen green beans since they still have the benefits of the vegetable and not as much, if any, presevAtives like canned. Also, I'd cut back on the food. A regular food at a low rate seems to keep these corgis fit and at good weight. My coming 10 yr old male gets 3/4 a day. He also gets to run and play, some treats and he usually always has something to naw on.

You'll figure it out! It took me a while but I finally found foods that work and keep a healthy dog!


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