HELP----We adopted a Corgi last year. We want to trim his nails. We have taken him to the vet before and that is not fun for him or us. Anyone have any idea?.We don't know how he was treated before, adopting him from the shelter.

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Do you want to use a dremel or clippers? How is he when you touch is feet?

I'd first make sure that you desensitize him to touching his feet. Then slowly introduce the dremel or clippers. Dremels make a loud sound and vibrate, so you have to get him used to both before you begin. Use good treats to distract and reward for any good behavior. Here's a good summary of how this works.

Full disclosure, I'm horrible at nails. We still go to the groomer at her daycare to get Kaylee's nails and paw fur trimmed. I've been introducing her to the dremel and I've started sanding down her nails now. After she has a play session and is a bit tired, I usually flip her on her back (she doesn't protest this, btw). I find it easier in this position but YMMV. I also distract/reward her with peanut butter either a kong, bone or almost empty container. Then I start one paw at a time. First the fur then the nails. I do one or two paws a session to prevent too much stress. She gets lots of praise and treats when she is good about it. 

I'm sure plenty of others on this forum can help out and have better technique/success than I do.

I agree that you should first see how he is when you try to handle his paws.  Most of the work with clipping is getting the dog used to you handling his feet.  My two were easy, as I have been clipping their nails since they were puppies, but my mom's dog had been a rescue and it took a couple of months to get her used to having her paws handled.

Once the dog doesn't mind you handling the paws (make it super relaxing and part of a doggy massage, or really fun and involve treats, so that he can look forward to it!) then it's time to introduce your tool.  

If you're using a dremel-style tool, you might need to introduce it while it's off for a while.  Then move to having it on, but not touching him.  Offer treats and praise for calm/good behavior.  Then you can try doing just one nail and go from there.  My preference is to start and end on a good note, so if he becomes stressed, then stop the work and go back to something relaxing and get him calm again before you let him run off.

Clippers are much the same, but they don't make noise so you can usually skip right to trying them out on a nail.  If he has white/clear nails, then make sure you avoid the pink quick.  I find it best to trim just a small amount every week, though that's just my preference.  Also, keep a pet-safe coagulant (or even just some flour) on hand in case you do hit the quick and the bleeding doesn't let up on its own.  Yes, I have accidentally hit the quick on both of my dogs.  I feel horrible about it when it happens, but the dogs don't really seem to mind much.  Neither of them has developed a fear of the clippers.  In fact, they both get really excited when they see the clippers come out because they know they'll get a good massage and some treats!

I had to trim my Granny's dog (rat terrior) nails, and the easiest time I ever had with it, was with that pedipaw thing.

You can get a nice trim without having to worry about getting to close to the quick, it also allows some room for squirming. witch was nice since he would act good for a while but then got bored and started moving like he was late for something. 

We adopted Tucker 2 years ago, and thanks to our vet finally figured out a way to do it ourselves at home.  The method requires 2 extra helpers though!!  One to hold to feed Tucker (treats/kibble)....and one to actually cut the nails!!!The vet had a heck of a time, Tucker is quite the squirmy one when getting nails trimmed. He turns into a cat and its hard to hold him still!!! 

Although when we got him I treated him to the groomers. I had him in my lap laying down on his back while the groomer trimmed his nails and he was a perfect angel, go figure!!!

We smear my daughter's arm with peanut butter and then she holds him while I Dremel and trim.  Works good!  Don't use the crunchy gives them diarrhea..  :-(

Wondering if anyone else uses the PediPaws. I have read very mixed reviews.  I have poor eyesight and worry using the clippers.  I bought a Dremel for pets, but you can still get to the quick and it can hurt because it gets hot.  One of my dogs is a miniature dachshund.  The thick dark nails, combined with no paw length at all and a looong muzzle she stretches over the paws :-D, makes it extra hard to use the Dremel. I  notice that the PediPaws has slots for the nails, how does it ensure not getting too close to the quick? 

I've noticed that when I start getting close to the quick, or it starts getting hot, they'll pull their paw back quickly.  I touch the nail in little strokes though- I don't keep it on there long.  I found that if you angle in to the center from the sides, and then come in and do the center straight on, that it goes much faster.  It seems to wear the nail down better than just grinding from the front.

We have the PediPaws but Brody hates it. He is fine with his feet being touched and does pretty good when I clip his nails. But the filing, he is not fond of... So I haven't really used it enough to give a good review. However, from what I can tell, it seems a little flimsy.

I am such a wimp! I take mine to Petsmart and they will either clip or dremel and it is not that expensive.

We had thought about Petsmart. But, he has such an attitude. I don't believe they would touch him. It took my boyfriend and three others at the vets to hold him to trim his nails. Our little guy was so scared he pottied all over the table. Both, ends. I just hate putting him through the trauma.

My first corgi, Sparty, tore a nail partially off on a register while frapping around the house when he was a year old. I had to take him into the vet to have the the rest of the nail removed. For the rest of his life he tore the same nail almost annually  (13 years). He was so nail shy that it was impossible to handle his feet. I could bandage it but he was frantic. So I just took him to my vet for nail trims. They had a table that they were able to strap him to so he could not bite them so we did not have to use a muzzle. I know it sounds awful but he was so afraid of the vet's office anyway that it seemed the most humane and quick way to do it. I did try using food and other methods but realized pretty quickly that he just could not allow me to cut his nails. Imagine having a nail that is still attached removed! I am sure it was very painful and the nail bed was damaged so it kept happening. My vet's office was prepared for Sparty, understood and still liked him so looking back I still think I chose the best method. We always traveled with a muzzle in case Sparty had a problem away from home. It is important to not put your dog in the position where they may hurt someone so I think you are correct in using the vet. Try shredded chicken and see if he is better. Good luck! Izzy, my corgi, is just a little squirmy so she goes to Petsmart.

Gonna throw this out there, Our Arthas HATES having his nails touched. He is fine with the foot touching, fur trimming, you can even pinch the pads on the bottom of his feet, no biggie, but touch a nail, even slightly and he freaks out, snapping, crying like you amputated his perfect tail, runs and hides like you are Godzilla. The works. My solution. I gave up! I dont touch em. After all I am the same way if someone tries to tough my nose! Instead I take his hoofs (deer hoofs) and bury em a good foot or more deep in a certain area of the back yard. Using pallets I fence off the area for a week, we live in Az, so the dirt is sandy/clay, I deep water the area for a few days and let it dry out completely, till its hard packed. Then tell Arthas to go find the treat. He does. Digging files his nails for me. And he gets a treat. Win /win. This of course wont work in some areas, but there are many other ideas if you don't want the 'hands on' approach. Examples : if you have a brick wall, hang a toy such as a peanut-butter stuffed Kong from the top of the wall, just barely within reach on tip toes. The pup will scratch at the wall trying to lick inside the Kong and viola nails filed. Or a lazer pointer and a concrete surface (or driveway) and few days fun will do the trick. Also, I have used this btw, get a cat toy - the circular kind with the ball in the middle- hot glue medium sandpaper to the surface and sides, rub the ball with peanut-butter and give it to the dog for about 15 min. The hyper digging action they get into usually works wonders. ^.^

Side note, if you happen to have a pup with its dewclaws (one of ours does sadly) the above tricks don't tend to file them down, however I found a quick way to take care of them, but you must be quick! Get your nail clippers ready, catch the dog when its asleep, quickly put a small teaspoon of peanut-butter on the roof of its mouth and clip those nails. Just make sure to get out way before he/she is done licking lol. Works every time.

Best of luck to you and yours! <3


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