Hi , Im new to all things Corgi as I've only just become a slave to my pup three months ago. I was just wondering if there a school of thought out there as to when I can expect my puppy 'Bobby' to stop growing. He is 5 and a half months old now , he is 60cm long and about 26cm tall. And he weighs 14 pound. Any thoughts on this this would be gratefully appreciated ... Paul and Bobby

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My closest guess for this is that at about a year he should have reached his height and length (depending on his size) which should be about 12" high and 18 inches long (again this depends on parents). He should weigh about 27-30#. And then he will finish filling out within 6 months of that and this does not necessarily mean gain much weight just get that more mature body. Hope this helps!
 good to know. I have been wondering if Taz was going to get a whole lot bigger than he is. At 11 months he is 28 pounds and 12 inches high and 20 - 21 inches long from chest to nub.
Sound like he's right on target with his size and weight but again it does depend if his parents are about the same!
Thank you very much for your response to our Growth discussion ...
It depends. Potus was fully grow at around 9 to 10 months old. Your vet should be able to give you an estimation as to how much growing he's got left to go. You can have some idea by lifting the skin on his back. A lot of loose skin suggests there is some growing to do.
Any chance you can meet Bobby's parents, that might give a good guess, we got our Lorenzo at 3 months old and he was 8 pounds. and I remembered he was over 30 pounds before he was a year. My husband wants a small dog and I want a big one, we though Corgi could be best fit in the middle, but Lorenzo kind pushes the limits really hard. he is over 35 pounds now at 2 years old, when he lay on the king size bed horizonly, my husband and I hardly have enough space for ourselive, now we still amaze how small he was and how big he is now.
Usually they are done growing by 1 year old (height and length wise) and will continue to fill out and look more muscular over the next few months following their 1st birthday. It will very from dog to dog of course. Finn is a year old and he hasn't grown any since he was about 10 months old.

Loose skin can be misleading, it does not necesarily mean the dog will grow more. Finn has always had a lot of extra skin and still does and yet he is not growing any more. His father had a lot of extra skin as well so it just runs in the family.
Good info. It sounds like a corgi should pretty much be at his final weight/height/length by 18 mos.
he will fnish growing by 1 year old. Healthy addult corgi weight is 27lb (about 14kilos) for males


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