hey all. i was just wondering if your corgis play the "guard dog" role. ever since we moved into our house (from an apt) ein has been the quintessential guard dog. in fact, he thinks he's a rottweiler. i'll play around with him and ask if he's a rotty and he starts "play barking and whimpering." so we're in agreement that yes, he is in fact a rottweiler. when the door bell rings he instantly starts barking and trots to the door. his bark is much deeper and more scary sounding. sometimes when the door bell rings and he's caught off guard (we're napping) his bark even scares me! who would have thought that this little dog could have such a monster bark. my dad visited the other day and he me that ein doesn't even sound like a corgi but more like a doberman :) he doesn't ever charge the door or scratch, he just barks. if we tell him to cool out, he always stops :) the ups man came and rang the door bell. he heard ein and left the package at the door. i guess he didn't want to stick around for me to sign. lol. i think its great because he makes me feel safer (especially at night if my hubby isn't around). i rest easy when ein's on the job.

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Taz is the guard dog of our family. He has a very deep bark and growl when he is "guarding" us, when his big sister is after him he has a very whiny baby bark though lol. All three dogs bark when someone comes over but Taz is the one that growls when he hears a noise at night, even the kids going to the bathroom. Any noise at night and he barks and growls at it. Yesterday morning my husband left for work at 3:30 a.m. like always but forgot something and came back in the house, OMG Taz was not letting anyone in the house while his people were sleeping. He scared me to death with the barking and growling until he figured out who it was. I can only imagine what he is going to be like when he gets older lol.
Jack is an excellent watch dog. Corgis are actually ranked very high as watch dogs, and surprisingly high as protection dogs, on the sites that rank such traits. Remember, part of their job as cattle dogs was to keep the other guy's cows away from his own cow's space.

At night, no one can even walk up the street without Jack sounding the alarm.
Leo is very protective of me and our space. Randy is still just learning but takes after big bro. Leo also has a very big dog bark so one not seeing him would assume he is a much larger dog. Still I think with a Corgi's strong jaw and large teeth a bite from one would feel like a big dog bite rather than a small dog. I wouldn't mess with one. I do feel safer knowing I will be warned of an intruder onto our property long before the person could get into the house.
I don't know! Mine will bark but I really think they are just screaming "Pay attention to me". They are definitely "watch dogs" though and will watch everything going on outside. We have discouraged barking unless someone is coming to the door though because we really can't have that when we are camping. The doberman though is all guard dog! There is no sneaking up to our house! We laugh when we are watching a show where the killer is sneaking into the house.... would never happen with a corgi!!
Dax will bark at EVERY little sound. Even things I don't even hear, I'll just see him jump up and start looking around, alert, making little wuff sounds. It actually gets annoying sometimes because it's usually nothing and it startles the hell out of me when he does it. Lol. If he thinks he hears something (like someone pulling in the driveway but he doesn't actually see them), we'll get the low "wuff" barks, but once he sees something or hears something for sure, he's all-out barking and running from the front door to the garage door, because he knows that whoever is coming in will be coming in through one of those doors. Lol. Just one time I need to get someone to come around to the back door to see if he sticks that one in his "someone's here" routine. We have a couch that he likes to sit on that's facing the front door. He'll sit on top of the back of the couch, all the way to the side so that he can see out the door, and GOD FORBID someone walk or drive by, he'll literally launch himself off the couch barking.

You can always tell a difference in his "I think I heard something" and "SOMEONE'S HERE" barks, because when he sees someone, his bark will change to almost a howl, where he barks so many times so fast that they just run together. Lol. It's funny watching him when he hears the garage door open. He'll go completely still, no matter what he's doing, listen for a few seconds, and then go nuts running from door to door barking. You can actually watch him and pinpoint the exact second he realizes what the sound is. He may not be able to keep anyone out, but damnit, he'll let me know that they're here. Lol.
yup, bandit likes to guard us, the apartment, and the cat too. noise or movement outside will alarm him, and he will either growl or bark depending on how far the noise is from us.

but once he's in his crate at night, he's off duty and stays quiet.. unless someone knocks on the door at 3 in the morning.
I was quite surprised by the corgi watchdog bark. They really let their bigdog selves out with that bark and I agree that it is very comforting to have such a protector around when you're the only person in the hse/apt. Niki barks when he hears other dogs out for a walk also but this sounds different from the bark he uses to alert us to someone at the door. The door bark is a real no-nonsense warning. Bravo for the guard Corgis.
The first time I heard Jack's big-boy bark, he was about 6 or 7 months old. Unfortunately he was barking at our coffee maker. LOL We don't use it very often and it was the first time he'd heard it hissing and spitting, and he let out a giant bark and scared himself with it! It was like a little boy going through a voice change.

Jack's excited play bark can be high and a bit grating, but his warning bark is deep and unmistakable; he means business.
That's really cute Beth!
My foster dog seems to be the guard dog. I've never seen him bark before at anyone. Then the other night we go on our walk and these two random dudes came around the corner and the boy goes nuts! His fur was riled up for a good ten minutes after the fact. I guess he could sense something was bad with those guys which is something boyfriend and I agree with.

Freya on the other hand likes to bark at every little sound and drives us nuts. She's been sentenced to her crate at night now because we are afraid the neighbors are going to call the cops on us.
oh i agree! one day i was taking ein out in the morning and this weird man was hanging around the front entrance of the apartment. it seems someone was having their cable installed but he was no where near the other guys who were working on the box. so he made me feel really nervous because he seemed to be giving me the once over. then he looked over at where i was coming from (my apt.) ein never barks at anyone but he went crazy. he used his "big boy bark" and was growling pretty ferociously. the man even said "wow, he's pretty mad." then he walked away. to this day, ein has never reacted that way towards anyone. i'm convinced he picked up on that guys vibes. i know i did.
Trust me I know the feeling. I just wish I could make mine hush with a cool out! They love love love the doorbell, usually means people to visit with them, they feel that the world revolves around them.....


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