Collars don't work for my boys. They slip out of them very easiliy and I don't want to choke them by making them any tighter. Does anyone have any suggestions as to type/brand of harnes I should use?

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Have you ever tried the Martingale collars? I would suggest these for walking outside but they should not be worn in the house. Personally I don't like harnesses.

I'll second all the above. I use a martingale to walk Rosie and Rocky. They can't slip out of it and it's easy to slip over their heads. I use an all nylon webbing type. It's quiet, tightens and loosens easily, and is comfy. Do not leave them on unless you are connected to the dog!! Don't tie them outside with one on or wear them outside or in the house. They could get caught on something and possibly choke. Rosie and Rocky wear a regular buckle nylon collar all the time with their ID tags on the regular collar.

Rosie got frightened by a big, loose dog running at her when we were walking in GA 2 years ago, slipped her regular collar and ran a block away from me before she stopped and started listening to me. Fortunately, there was no traffic on the street while she was loose and fortunately she came to her senses and started to come back. We were 1300 miles from home and she had no collar on, only her microchip for ID. I decided then I needed something they couldn't slip out of if they were frightened again. The martingale works great for us.

see the collar FAQ.  Includes photos of my modified Martingales (chain replaced by Perlon rope to reduce weight and noise).  Skips easily on/off over head, but cinches if dog pulls on it.  Has a minimum circumference, so does not fully choke.

I just made Shippo a martingale, and he also has a hemp one made by Earth Dog.  He can back out of regular collars too, and did it once next to a busy street.  I started using martingales after that.

I bought a mesh one at Walmart that works real well.  However, my Ella prefers not to wear it.  She wore it just fine for a while but now when she sees me get it, she backs up and barks at it.  So lately I haven't been using it because it's too hard to catch her!

I second the martingale collars.

I like the step in harnesses as u can control them from the shoulders rather than the neck but the martingal collars are nice too. They tighten just enough for them to not slip their collars but not choke them

I agree with Jane about the martingale collars. Harnesses just encourage a dog to pull and you rarely see a dog on a harness that is not pulling it's owner's arm off.  Or you could get one of these:


we use them for our rescues at school and they are pretty effective in keeping the dogs from slipping their collars. Again not something you want to leave on unsupervised.


We use a front clip harness from

It was recommended by our trainer because Bento is a puller.  We really like it, and it has helped Bento with his pulling tendencies.

see collar FAQ.  I like my modified Martingales.  Slip over head easily, tighten when pulled, but cinch to a limit, can be lightened by removing hardware (but you have to trust your knot and cord).

Pets-Mart has martingale collars that are made of nylon and chain. The trick with a martingale collar is to adjust it properly.  The nylon part should be adjusted so that it fits snugly (you can slip two fingers under it) when the collar is placed at the highest point on the neck, with the chain part pulled. This will insure that the dog is not choked, but that the head cannot fit through.  I especially like martingales for puppies, who are prone to backing up and out of collars.  With a growing dog, you need to check the fit and adjust as needed.

Thanks to everyone for the posts. I appreciate the input. In all truth, my boys take ME for our walks.



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