I'd like to start by saying that we don't care SOLELY about Wheatley being a pure bred Corgi. We love him not matter what.


He supposedly came from a Breeder named Mary Blaine, but we got him 8 days after he was released from his mom at a local puppy store.

Since then I have contacted to Registry and Pet store with no luck.

Wheatley is 8 months old.

We paid to have a copy sent to us. ($50)


And I want to know that when we get him a mate that they're not related.


PLease Help!


Thank you for any advice or help

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great news...

Glad you will have more information to work with.

Congratulations! And, since this thread has gone completely off track...

I love my dog... from a responsible back yard breeder. Like others, I met the 'parents' and 'grandmother,' all of which had a great temperament. The breeder was truly a horse breeder and raised corgis as trail horses and to supplant the family business. The pup I raised came home at 12 weeks completely crate-trained and house-broken, and so well socialized and trusting that a move from the farm to the city was exciting for her rather than upsetting. She'd been riding along on guided trail rides around strangers a puppy. As the last of the litter to leave, she was given plenty of 1:1 attention and love. A few months later when it was the peak of summer and my A/C was out, I called up the breeder who gladly took Vesper back for a week until we had a livable home, without ever questioning our dedication to her pup or asking for a boarding fee. 

No way is she conformation- although purebred (yes, with lineage), she's a 32-lb, fit, not fat, muscly little corgi. For me, she's the perfect example of the breed- intelligent, independent, loyal, and I'm pretty sure if human life was somehow wiped out, she'd be leading a pack of domesticated-turned wild dogs. :)

So my point that I guess I hope I made, is that I love a working dog, and think that sometimes the current popularity of corgis and the extreme trends in conformation can be a detriment to the breed. 


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