Hey all,

So a few days ago it was getting quite chilli in my house so I decided to get Kobe a shirt so he would be warmer during the night. There were 3 days when I gave him a shirt but funny thing is, in the morning he managed to somehow get the shirt off. His shirt was laying on the other side of the cage and he was soundly sleeping on his bed The shirt I bought him was just a snug fit but was a little loose within the arm area. haha!

Also last week he managed to open his bed casing, I think he bit the zipper and slid it open and took the cushion inside out. I find it incredible how corgi's are just so intelligent haha!

Has your dog ever done that?

Just something funny I wanted to share ^^

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Last week I left a (brand new) bra on the bed.  Tenby got it and chewed the plastic slider things off both straps.  Not one chew mark any place else. Tenby is 5 years old, not a puppy.

Winnie takes the doggie bed apart also. But from the outside !! She eats a hole in the outer covering and then removes the stuffing. Also quilts, bedspreads, toys.

When we first brought Brody home I put him out on the patio in a harnesss, I came home at luncfh to check on him and he had somehow gotten out of it!  didn't bother using it after that

On my bed I have a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a flowered quilt and a peach quilt - in that order (the flowered quilt is between the flat sheet and the top quilt.

Both of mine like to suckle/chew on the flowered quilt.  They will pull the top quilt back just to get to it - it is so weird.

Leia will take the stuffing out of anything!  We stopped her before she got to our pillows!  Aside from that, all the funny things she does not involve our cat Sam.  She acts like she feels that she is solely responsible for disciplining him.  Sam does weird things too - he tries to open cabinets and enjoys drinking water from a glass.  We try to stop him from doing these things, but if we don't notice, Leia will take care of it!  She will growl and bark at him very quietly (Sam is the alpha animal) then she will actually try to push him out of the way!  It is so funny to watch, because my cat holds a grudge and will go after Leia later in the day!  Sam and Leia have a hilarious love hate relationship.  They know how to annoy each other and will do so when necessary!  Then, one minute later, they are rubbing and loving all over each other.  So funny!

Has Leia taken the stuffing out of Sam yet???? Corgis are sneaky


Hahaha - no, not yet! She can chew through anything though - even those toys that are made especially for aggressive chewers!


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