We are the proud (yet somewhat frustrated) owners of an nearly 8 year Pembroke, named Harry.   We also have a 5 year old female Corgi named Torre.

We've had Harry since he's been 8 months old.   He's always been a little mouthy and barks a lot - but in the last year or so he's gotten quite aggresive with anything related to food.   When we're eating dinner for instance he will get frustrated that he can't have any food and will run into the next room and snap and jump on Torre.     Just yesterday, he was in the back yard and was eating something (we didn't know what at the time) and as my husband tried to get it from him he attacked him and bit quite deep in our arm.  

We love him so dearly - and have probably spoiled him - but wondering if he can be broken of this habit at 8 years of age?

I know someone posted about earlier about "pinning a dog down" when he's agrresive.   Wondering if that's something we should try - although I'm even sure how we'd go about doing this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I would crate him and the other dog for both their safety when there is food around . I would feed him in his crate and only there for now..He needs to stop this before he hurts Torre or a person. At least you are taking him out of the action. maybe let them out separate if you don't know if he might find something outside. I would maybe seek some outside help as this sounds fairly dangerous.Do they get along fine with Torre without food around? I would not always crate Torre though as it sounds like he is just the victim? If this didn't sound so serious I would say work on "leave it" and on a leash...does he know this command?
you could try the "TRADE UP GAME" with him (while Torre is safe) the idea is to give Harry treats on lids, peanut butter/spray cheese or bits of bannas, anything he likes really, after you put the small amount on the lid wait for him to eat it. Once he has eaten it give him the new lid/treat and take the other lid away. The idea is to teach him that gaurding is useless and that humans give him good stuff not just take it away....I've seen this done on a episode of Ceaser Millan and the Victoria Stillwell show called it's me or the dog. but while your deciding on a course of action Jane's advice is really solid crating during yours/their meal times would be best and keeping him on a leashe outside or seperating the dogs for outside time is safest.
He can change but you need to get him to obedience classes ASAP. This is just a symptom of him thinking he has to be in charge and a little work on your part at class will help him figure out that is not wanted. As for food do not allow him in the room when you are eating and never give him treats from your plate. At meal time give him half his food and as soon as he starts to eat bring the other half in your hands. If he growls or shows any aggression put that half away and try again at the next meal. I learned this from a dog trainer that rescues shepherds and pit bulls and she said she never had a dog go more than three days on half rations before they learn to be thrilled that human hands are in their food. It is easy to spoil but these are tough little working dogs that are MUCH happier when they know you are in charge. Never try the roll technique. You will only make him worse. Good luck!


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