Ahhh! I yelped a new groomers and told him I wanted to trim a little, esp. around the butt area and underside since dirt sticks to it.  I left my baby there and came back to check on him and he was halfway shaved, they shaved his sides but the top and his chest fur was still there... I told him to stop and just trim his butt hairs, they said ok and told me to come back.  When I came back to get my corgi, he was mostly shaved (esp when i told them to stop!) and has a strip of hair like a mohawk down his back. He has about half an inch of hair, and whats worse, they didn't even shave it evenly!!!! UGH!

My corgi is only 1 and is relatively healthy save for a dry eye issue, will his hair grow back? Has anyone experienced this? I am very distressed! I feel too embarrassed to take him any where unless he has a shirt on.  

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What the heck! That's awful. Also why on earth would they leave a strip down his back? Did he look like a dwarf Rhodesian Ridgeback to them? O_O

Hair takes a while to grow back, but I would take special precautions during the summer with him if it isn't entirely regrown. The hair keeps them from getting sunburnt easily, and without it they are at increased risk during the scorching sunny days,

When I told them to stop -he was already half way shaved and it was the top half that was still there- they left that top portion.   He looks ridiculous...

It will grow back... hopefully it will grow back the same. :[  It will grow back in patches and it will take a while.  I'm so sorry for what they did!  I don't trust groomers for a second--you're not the first this has happened to.  

(Is it insensitive if I ask for pictures?)

I will post once I get them onto my computer.

PLEASE tell me you got a refund.  And if they don't give it to them, print out one of the many things online saying you should NOT shave a double coated breed...

And yes, I want to see pictures too. .  Good thing is that corgis don't know they look any different, but I'm like you.  If it was me I'd buy a cute shirt for him.

Plz tell me you didn't pay them? That would piss me off!!! Sammie got her belly shaved for getting fixed and it took 2 weeks for it to grow about half an inch of hair. It will grow back definitely just make sure it put vegitable oil in your dogs food to keep the hair healthy and shiny. Dot worry at all it will grow back make sure you pup isn't in the sun to long since it doesn't have much hair to protect the skin. 

I am so sorry, but I am kinda laughing.  Your poor corgi.  I bet he's even more embarrassed than you are.  They did this to my newfoundland one year....shaved him down to the skin except for his head.  The poor guy knew he looked dorky.  He got out of the car and hung his head down in shame when the other dogs came to greet him.  I'd be pe'od if I was you.  Your corgi will be fine.  It will grow back, although maybe a little weird at first, it will grow back.  Perhaps making up an honorary indian name would make it better..."he with no hair"...."barks a lot"....something along those lines.

"Dances With Razors"? XD

OMG I'd be so pissed if a groomer shaved Shippo.  I'd definitely demand a refund.  They're the ones who screwed up after all lol.

Dances with Razors....LOLOLOL


I am so sorry.  I have to clip my boy because he has serious heat intolerance.  I do it myself and he often looks terrible but I have found that anything that I accidently cut shorter than other areas grows faster.  I am more likely to leave longer areas.  It cooled off after I clipped him and I don't shave him but he doesn't mind.  You can almost see it growing so it won't be too long. I have learned not to cut very short around the face but I bet they did what I have learned not too do.

Mishka had to have a patch shaved on his side when we had him tested for environmental allergies in November.  At his 3-month checkup, only the white fur in the patch had grown in - a little bit of undercoat and all the straight white tummy hairs.  The dermatologist noted that his fur wasn't growing back as quickly as she expected, but with double-coated breeds it can take up to a year to really get back to normal (and I silently freaked out).  

Two weeks ago, the red suddenly started filling in and now it's starting to be difficult to see where the shaved patch was.  I now understand one good reason why one never shaves a double-coated dog unless it's medically necessary.....momo trims, sure, but with a new groomer maybe safer to bring a picture of what you want?

Sidney had his entire left hind leg and flank shaved when he had hip surgery. It took awhile, a few months at least, but thankfully now you can't tell. Your poor pup :(

Maybe you can find some cute shirts in the toddler boys' department. My friend bought one that says "cookie monster", size 2T  I think. It fit her corgi really well!

I also hope you didn't pay them! I'd go on all the review sites and blast those guys outta the water.


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