Ramji, our 1 1/2 year old Pembroke corgi supposedly has a sensitive stomach. Is this common for corgis?

He has been showing a pattern of vomiting and bloody diarrhea every 2-4 months. He doesn't get into anything he isn't supposed to and we do not give him human food ( except for a tiny piece of carrot or apple here and there)

The bloody diarrhea is worrisome but it's not digested blood.


All of his tests come back normal. Fecal test, we've also done Giardia test (he did have it once, mildly)--this last incident, we even took an X-ray and there were no foreign bodies and the doc said that the size of his organs looked good.

The vet did put him on Prescription food for gastrointestinal issues- he's currently on Hills I/D

I just feel like the ingredients in the I/D are so....crappy? the first ingredient is corn! the Vet assures me that this is ok because he needs a bland diet to keep his digestive system balanced.

I am wondering if there are any other options and if anyone has had/ have a corgi with similar issues?


I am beginning to suspect food intolerance?

he doesn't itch or have flaky skin or oily fur to suspect allergies...but at this point it could be anything.


Also, the vet wants to test for Addison's Disease next time he gets sick- but in speaking to some other vets it is really unlikely that he has Addison's due to his age.

Thank you in advance for all  your feedback and advice!


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We have had a similar problem lately too. Tests are all negative, both dogs end up on metronidazole, which seem to clear it up. Doc says it could be a bacterial enteritis this bout. In any case we too were suspecting a food allergy even tho there were no new changes. They both want to eat vegetation during these bouts...one to vomit the other makes her poo... Then they eat and act normal...but need the medicine to clear up the symptoms. We are watching their actions and diet like hawks...and will see if it returns ....

Bella had the vomiting a couple years ago, she would throw up her food a few hours after eating and it never looked like it had started digesting...several tests and xrays. They couldn't find anything and after about 8 different meds/shots I took her off of everything except Pepcid and tried a one protein food which was TOTW and added 1/3 cup warm water to it (and still do). She now is back on Canidea with more protein sources and doing fine. I am NOT suggesting you do this but it was awful watching her go through this when nothing they gave her helped. Good luck!

My doberman has a delicate stomach. She had three intestinal blockage surgeries before I got her and the Hill's I/D is the only thing that works. I have tried other things but short of cooking chicken and rice for her every meal she always has terrible diarehha. I don't love the brand either but I know she feels better and I decided that was most important. None of my corgis have had problems and there is very little they would not eat!

We have the same thing with Emma (random vomiting and bloody diarrhea).  Our vet diagnosed a grain allergy so we switched her to grain-free food.  That helped some, but she has still had a few episodes, and we can't figure out why.  One thing that helps is a medicine called sucralfate.  It seems to calm the vomiting and diarrhea.

It's totally horrible that we cant pin point it! My husband thinks it may be his toys...he suspexts that bacteria grows on them which could be possible...sine Ramji only gets sick one in a while. Ramji was on grain free as well but that caused super bad gas. Right now, im just changing his food bowl for every meal and giving him filteres water. He's doing much better but i really wish we can find the cause so that he doesnt have to suffer! Its the worst to see these little monsters get sick!

Super thanks! I left a response as you were also responding, I see you've also tried Fortiflora with no success!

Thank you so much Jennifer!

It really helps! I will definitely try the probiotics. the Hills ID seems to be working on him, he doesn't get gas and his stool comes out better than any other food we've tried.

It sounds like Charlie had severe symptoms compared to Ramji as Ramji only experiences this every few months. I'm so glad you've found something that works for Charlie.

But definitely, super thanks on the probiotics! He did try forti flora(??) but he hates it and wont eat his food if I put that in.

BTW, Charlie is ADORABLE!



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