Baxter weighs roughly 21# and ate a sliver of onion Saturday afternoon.  His stool became soft Saturday night  and early Sunday, so I decided to give him some pumpkin and rice mixed with his kibble.  He was pooping frequently, and I noticed an orange coloration when he went potty.  Come 11 o'clock at night he was going every hour and at times even half hour.  There was blood every single time.  >_/p>

Took him to the vet early this morning and was informed that they did not see any signs of onion toxicity.  However, he was diagnosed with mild to moderate Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (Hge) and dehydration.  His hematocrit was somewhat elevated but lab works revealed normal protein levels and clotting time.  His stool samples came out negative as well.  He's on some antibiotics, probiotics, and prescription food (I/D).  They administered fluid under his skin before we left the clinic today to replenish the fluids he had lost.  He's not listless, lethargic, and only had one episode of dry heaving this morning.

I've read up on how quickly Hge can progress and horror stories about pet fatalities.  Baxter continues to have soft stool with drops of blood, although greatly reduced compared to last night.  He has an appetite for food and does not appear to be depressed.  Has anyone had experience with Hge, especially mild to moderate cases as the vet had diagnosed Baxter width?  Any recommendations or tips on what to expect?

Baxter was never really fond of water, so I'm concerned about his hydration.  He didn't like the gatorade/water mixture that was recommended by the vet.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.  Much thanks!

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Try pedialyte popsicles.  They don't taste as bad as the liquid, and they have the same electrolytes in them (although at a lower dose).  I don't have any experience with Hge, but am hoping and praying that everything turns out OK.

Thank you so much for the suggestion.  I never knew pedialyte came in popsicle form!

Try adding water to his food, either canned or kibble. Also try low/no salt chicken stock added to his water to see if that entice him to drink more. The orange color of his stool was most likely the pumpkin. This happened to Rosie when I gave her some pumpkin for looses stool when she was on Rimadyl.  

If you try the popsicles, check to see what they are sweetened with, be careful of artificial sweeteners.

No artificial sweeteners are worth the risk, for pets or humans, but above all avoid xylitol, which can be rapidly fatal to canines at low doses -- it turns their insulin on full blast, and they can die.

Put water in their food, and they'll eat a lot of water.

I usually add warm water to his breakfast because he doesn't drink nearly enough during the day; we live in Texas where summers are pretty brutal.  I'll try it with his prescription food.  Thanks!

I appreciate the heads up John.  I'll be on the look out for xylitol and artificial sweeteners from here on out.

We just had a case of this two months ago with our mixed breed Amy.  The vet did all of the same things he is doing for Baxter.  She bounced back rather quickly.  I think the low sodium chicken broth is a genius idea.  You could even water it down a bit more.  Good luck!

The first night was pretty bad, and my heart went out the little guy because I knew he was in pain from going to the bathroom so frequently.  Thank you for sharing your experience.  We're actually taking him back to the vet today just to check his hydration levels.  He's not going to the restroom as often but does not have an appetite for food or fluids, which he needs to replenish what he has lost so far.  

Canned food has liquid in it too so would be better if you are concerned about hydration.

The vet prescribed some canned gastrointestinal food.  I would feel better if the little guy had an appetite for them.  I added small amounts of pumpkin for taste but he only licked it off and left the food untouched.  

As others have said, low sodium/no sodium chicken stock.  Last year, my dogs came down with some bug in which they were either throwing up or having diarrhea.  They weren't too keen on drinking water but LOVED the chicken stock.  I actually had to monitor how much of it they were drinking because they would have lapped it all up in one sitting.  I diluted the stock with water since the main point is to get them hydrated (don't add too much water or else they won't drink it). 


The blood in the stool could be due to irritation of his intestinal lining.  Whenever my dogs have eaten something they shouldn't have, their stools will sometimes be a little bloody and mucous-like.  It's alarming to see it, but it's nothing serious if that's all they're doing (and if you know what they've ingested).  As long as they're behaving normally, playing, eating and drinking, then I wait for a little bit.  If they're not back to normal in a day or two, then I take them to the vet.  If they're lethargic, throwing up constantly (where they can't even keep water down) in addition to the bad stools (and if I don't know what they've eaten), then I take them to the vet immediately - don't want to mess around with blocked intestines.


A bland diet of rice and chicken (no seasonings on the chicken whatsoever) will help the tummy get back on track.  As for the pumpkin, it'll cause softer stools and, yes, they will be orange. 

With the exception of the small bit of onion, we don't believe he had ingested anything.  He had moderate amounts of blood that first night.  The vet said to wait it out about 24 hours to see how he does, but I'm wondering if the food is just aggravating his stomach lining even more?

Taking him to the vet again to follow up since he doesn't have an appetite today and for the most part appears lethargic.  I'm thinking it's from the blood loss, lack of nutrition, and dehydration.  

Sage doesn't care for water either but I can add warm water to her dry food and then I know she is getting more...I do this at every meal.


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