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My boy Jax is a real picky eater. He won't touch dry kibble by itself (I'm currently feeding him Blue Buffalo puppy food), so I've mixed in wet food since day one. However with wet food, the both of us are very picky about what he eats. I don't buy the commercial dog food, it's gross and looks/smells like mystery meat. So I've been feeding him Weruva Chicken & Gravy or the Weruva Kobe Beef since that's all he'll eat, but it's getting too expensive per can. 

What kinds of home made wet food recipes are good for corgis? He loves chicken, absolutely goes crazy for it! Will chicken with rice and veggies be good? Or is chicken/rice only used to help dogs with diahhrea problems?

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do not attempt a homemade recipe without consulting with your vet or a canine nutritionist. Chicken and rice is not a complete diet. They have homemade canine diet books online that you can buy, however the good ones tend to be pretty expensive. Your vet should be able to provide you with some recipes, they generally have at least one or two books of homemade diets that they can suggest or they can recommend a canine nutritionist who can put together a diet for your dog. Also, remember picky eater isn't born its made. The more you mix up the diet, add different yummy foods etc the pickier Jax will be. He's always going to wait and see what better food you are going to add so he will hold out and not eat. A healthy dog will not starve himself. Buy a good quality kibble and add a few tbsp of wet food, if he doesn't eat after 15-30 minutes, pick the food up, he doesn't get to eat. Soon enough he will learn to eat what you give him. I fed Frank Blue Buffalo and he quit eating for almost 4 days straight which is really unusual for him, I switched his kibble to a different brand and he started eating with gusto, I've never had a problem since. You are better off buying a good quality kibble and adding in some cooked meat than trying to make the whole diet on your own unless you consult with a nutritionist to formulate the diet for you. This isn't a topic you want to get the answer to by searching the internet, its good for advice etc but you are risking your pups health if you don't consult a vet or a book recommended by a vet or nutritionist. 

I couldn't remember the name in my original post, but here is the book two of the vets I used to work for use when clients want to make home cooked diets. It has diets made for pets with different health conditions, different ages, etc. 


Here's one that seems to have gotten pretty decent reviews, and it's something I would consider.

But, as was said, ask your vet first:P

Hi Ash, you can contact a licensed professional for consultation and get a tailored plan, it is very affordable, cheaper than seeing a vet.

I agree with Melissa, a healthy dog will not starve himself. My Henry is a picky eater too and I only made it worse by adding things to his food. Canned food, treats, gravy, cheese, yogurt, you name it I tried it. Eventually I decided it was becoming ridiculous so I stopped adding anything but a bit of water and maybe a tablespoon of pumpkin. If he didn't eat it within 20 minutes or so, I picked it up. He learned pretty quick. He's still not enthusiastic about kibble but he does eat when I ask now.

I don't know how old he is but could he be teething? Puppies stop eating also because their gums hurt. Have you tried adding warm water to his food? I do this for 2 of my adults.

I have a question about adding water.  I had been doing this occasionally for Ruby (almost 5 mos old) to get her to eat her kibble because I wondered it it just hurt too much due to teething.  I have stopped more recently though because I felt like whenever I add water (I was adding about just over 2 tablespoons to a rounded 1/2 cup) she would eat, but then vomit it back up.  I thought maybe the water was causing it to expand too much/quickly in her stomach.  Am I adding too much water?

you can add pretty  much as much water as the dog will tolerate. With my parents lab they add almost equal parts water to food. Maybe just let it set for a bit to get soft. For teething the whole point in adding the water is to make the food softer so if you add 1/4 cup water and just let it sit for 10 minutes it should be fine since the food will have expanded by then. 

Get some cans of pumpkin to add or grate some carrot or apple onto the food- we bought a huge turkey for $10 you can cook that then freeze it in bags...  I also cook a egg from time to time & add that my little guy loves the shells I give him 1/2 of one shell to chew on you can also crush the shell down if you like & add that to the food... 

This book is awesome--simple to follow recipes, completely balanced and healthy (so you can ditch kibble entirely), species appropriate, and written by a vet and a veterinary nutritionist:


Hi Michael,

AAFCO has no statutory authority to regulate pet products. 

AAFCO does not regulate, test, approve or certify pet foods in any way.

This is how pet food is regulated in the US, here's Q&A from them. You can read more in the FAQ.

Hi Michael,

AAFCO wrote the statement that I posted previously:

AAFCO has no statutory authority to regulate pet products. 

AAFCO does not regulate, test, approve or certify pet foods in any way.

AAFCO has no laboratory, it is a non profit organization that set labelling standard and members only meet a few times a year. If you really want to know how the pet food industry work, buy their annual publication and learn about their nutrition label rules, please don't post false information on MyCorgi.com.


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