I've read all of the threads on potty training and what I should be doing. But its not working. I have no idea what to do. Her cage is the size that is recommended so she only has room to lie down. Then today I went to take her rope toy out of her cage because she was keeping me up with her chewing on it. And to my apprise, it was crusty with urine and smelled so bad. Then I pulled her blanket out to find the same with her blanket. She never wakes us up to tell us she has to go. She hasn't had any accidents on the floor because I take her out all the time. I don't know what to do.

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-Does she sleep in her crate next to you?

-I wouldn't put any toys in her crate. For me the crate is meant for sleeping and not playing.

-I use to use a blanket in the crate and for whatever the reason my corgi would pee on it...I took it out and he stopped (go figure lol)

She doesn't step right next to me, she is about 8 feet away.

How old is she and how long is she in the crate?

She's 13 Weeks. At night she's in there for an average of 5 hours.
I've heard a puppy can be crated for as many hours as it is months old, plus one. So the longest your dog should be expected to hold it is 4 hours. I agree it is better to have nothing in the crate. One of the reasons we waited for a puppy that was a little older (6 months) is that we hoped the potty training would not be so difficult, and it wasn't. A few accidents inside, until I figured out Bogart needed to urinate twice outside, first thing in the morning (and poop once). Good luck!
Good news! I got Molly a smaller crate, the one she had was a hand me down from a husky so it was a big crate! Now she has a smaller crate that we divided off so she has a smaller section to lay down in. The first night with the new crate didn't go so well, she figured out how to get past the divider and so she peed on one side and slept on the other.i put something behind the divider panel, so she can't get through it and we haven't had an accident! Apparently she has been waking my boyfriend up because she has to potty but he would just ignore it. Men.

Crate training didn't work for us. Pooped all over himself. The smell woke us before he did. We ended up taking him outside every hour and treating when he did his business in the yard. After a few weeks, no more accidents. We don't have to take him out as often now. I think daily walks have helped as well. He has his favorite poop spots around the neighborhood and we always have to bring more than one bag.

We also starting picking up on his behavioral signs that he had to go. The circling and heading to his favorite accident spots were the obvious ones, but we also learned when he would get nippy and start chewing on what he shouldn't it was time to take him out. Now at 4 1/2 months, he will nudge our leg and give a little whine and we know its time to head outside.

She hasn't had any accidents in her cage, so she's actually started to wake me up at night to take her out. Now, the problem is getting her to ask to go out.

if she's whining to go at night then thats asking you to take her out. If youre talking about "now, the problem is getting her to ask to go out." in regards to the day time, you can try the bell method. Hang a bell by the door(which ever door you go through to bring her potty) every time you take her potty, ring the bell before you open the door then let her go. She'll eventually learn that when she needs to go she should ring the bell. It took a bit for Juno...he lost it for a few weeks but quickly got it back. Some have said not to treat the pups when they ring the bell...


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