We are having a little bit of difficulties... He generally does really well during the day and at night, not so well. I let him out every two hours during the night. He turned 13 weeks old on Oct. 9th. At this age, how long should he be able to hold it? Any tips or advise on making this easier for us both?

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He should certainly be able to hold it longer than that. It could be that he has gotten used to being taken out during the night and has come to expect it. By this age Finnigan was sleeping through the night without accidents. We got Finn when he was 8 weeks old and that first week we took him out in the middle of the night but after that he was holding it all night (8 hours). We made sure to take him out right before bed and as soon as we took him out of the crate in the morning. We also restricted water as it got close to bed time to prevent him from needing to go during the night.
We brought Jack home at 10 weeks and he was able to hold it through the night. Not all can at that age, but at 13 weeks he should be able to go about 4 hours during the day and at least 6 or so at night when confined.

We removed water about 2 hours or maybe a bit longer before bedtime and also make sure that he goes out to pee right before bed. I would make sure the crate area he's in is large enough for him to turn around and that's it; when stretched out, his nose should be nearly touching one end and his hind paws touching the other end. If the space is sufficiently small that he can't eliminate then move out of the way, try just letting him cry and see if he really needs to go or has just learned that is the way to get your attention.
I agree with all responses. We cut water off at about 6:30-7:00 (we go to bed at 9) - Bear was in a 24 crate. He went the whole night at 8 weeks.
We currently feed him at 4 when we get home and water is taken away at 7. Do you think it might be due to seperation anxiety? Maybe I should take him and put him in a bathroom first and then re-introduce him into his crate? I just want to solve this now before he gets older and becomes a real issue.
Separation anxiety might be a bit of an overstatement, but it is quite possible that he has just learned "If I cry, they come see me."

If you can pick a few nights when you don't have to be anywhere early the next day, just let him cry and he'll probably give up after an hour or two and go to sleep. Just be forewarned that if he's learned crying=time with you, he may cry for hours.

Personally I would not put him in the bathroom, because he might ruin something, plus that much space means he will probably just pee on the floor somewhere. If it were me I'd stick with the crate and let him cry. Easier now when he's young and will tire than later when he might night tire at all. I'd only take him out of the crate if he seems so panicked he looks like he's hurting himself (which probably won't happen).

Also if feeding at 4, he might be getting hungry. Unless you get up very early, is it possible to try feeding a bit later? At that age we fed 3x per day, with morning and evening feedings about 12 hours apart and lunch in the middle, plus one small biscuit at bedtime. I would suggest that whenever breakfast is, supper should be about 12 hours later, which for us is 6AM, 6PM. Of course if you have a very early bedtime because of early awakening, that schedule would change accordingly.
I have also been cleaning his crate with 409 which i've learned has ammonia in it... this might be a problem as well. What do you all use to clean the crate after an accident occurs?
We fed three meals at that age as well and gave a treat before bed. Finnigan whined every few minutes the first couple nights and not knowing if it was because he had to pee, was hungry or just feeling the separation from his doggy family, we got up and took him out each time (I took that first week off from work). Of course after taking him out he would want to play and feeling sorry for him, I'd lay on his bed in the living room and play with him. Usually I would fall asleep there and when he started getting tired I'd take him back to his crate. I know now that this was way more trouble than it needed to be but not having raised a puppy in so long and this being our first dog on our own, we just didn't know what to do. Even though we answered his cries each time, the crying started to come at longer intervals and then stopped. If I remember correctly we did have to ignore it a few times but he caught on quickly and began to sleep soundly. I think his crying was a combination of being in a new home and not wanting to be in the crate. His crate was on my side of the bed and often times when he’d cry I would drop my hand down so he saw it and he would be quiet.

How long have you had your puppy?

As for a cleaner we used Nature's Miracle and Simple Solutions Oxy. Get one from a pet supply store.
We use some all natural, organic, sage-scented pet odor cleaner
Vinegar water cuts the smell and will not harm the dog...it will stink for a few minutes but also neutralizes. It is not harmful and doesn't contain chemicals!
You might want to have your vet do a urinalysis to make sure there are not medical reasons. I second the use of Nature's Miracle as a cleaning product. Blaze could go from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. when he was 10 weeks...same for Diamond. They are now 11 months and 7 months, and they sleep from 9-10 p.m. to 7 a.m. most nights. I over-walk them during the day because I am home.


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