How big was your corgi as a puppy? Mine is at 6 pounds at 3 months. Im guessing she will be on the smaller side/

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Oh yeah she will be pretty small. Mine is half lab half corgi and is taking more of the corgi side weight wise. Sammie was 13lbs at 3 months. And now is 30 lbs at 10 months.

At 3 months, my Chuckie was 9 lbs.

I didn't get to weigh Kaylee until she was 3.5 months, but she was 11 pounds at that point.

At 11 months she's 24 pounds and seems like she will stay in that range, maybe gain another pound or two. She's a Cardi, so that's on the small side too.

Usually they grow around a pound per week. So yes I'd think she will probably end up small.

I don't remember how much Franklin was at 3 months but I know at around 9 or 10 weeks he was 7 pounds. He's now 28 to 30 pounds.

Molly is pretty small, she only weighs 5 pounds right now at 3 months Her mother is also on the small Sid and Molly was the smallest in the litter

MOMO was at 7.4 pounds when he arrived to me at 10 weeks.  I think NOW, he's about 9-10 pounds ( i hope) at 14 weeks.  He seems like he got BIGGER though his doc appointment is THIS WEEKEND, so i hope to find out how much he has grown. <3

I think my Momo is normal or average?  Then again, i've never owned a dog before so to me, it is normal. LOL.

Story was not even 5 pounds yet the first time I took her to my vet at 9 weeks, 8 pounds at 3 months, and just under 10 pounds at 4 months.  She is almost 8 months now and is 16.5 pounds.  Her breeder said Story would most likely be on the smaller side (personality is still just as big!)

Our puppy was 6 1/2 lb. at 11 weeks.  He was 9 1/4 lb. at 15 weeks, almost 16 lb. at 6 mo.  And now he is almost 20 lb. at 10 mo.  He looks very small compared to our "normal size" corgi.  But we were just at a Corgi Faire and it was interesting to see all the size differences.  Some were on the smaller side like him and others were gigantic.

My pups at 9 weeks range from 8# 4 oz...the largest pup I've ever had...but soooo adorable!

at 6 month and 1/2 Sheldon is a wooping 22 pound :) Big ham <3

19lbs @9months


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