How black are black headed tris? Laika seems to be changing colors

Laika, my black headed tri, seems to be developing some brown hairs first around her eyes, then across the top of her head, and now on either side of her neck. She's about three months old. Does this usually happen? I'm just wondering what she'll end up looking with her final colors. Orion is almost five months old and seems to be pretty much done with his color transformation for a while now but he's red-headed. Here are some not-so-good pictures of her brown hairs:

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Hi Monica, yes it happens. Both Laika and Orion are still growing :) Their coat color will be set after 2-4 shedding cycles. (1-2 yr old)
Yay Laika's normal! Haha. I was curious about it cause I've never really noticed it on other BHTs but I rarely encounter them in the world. I didn't know it took that long for their coat to be their coat to be set but I guess that makes sense, Laika's coat still feels like a puppy coat while Orion's seems to be more of his adult coat and he's starting to shed a bit. Good thing Ive gotten them both used to brushing them ;) they used to try to eat the brush
yea we thought roxi was done with her color change and then around 1.5 years she just lightened up. She was really dark brown/red for a while hehe.
Real black-headed tricolors are rare. Many tris start as black-headed puppies, and then become redheads as they mature. Edison was mostly black to begin with, and then became a redheaded tri with a definite saddle. Check out the pictures below, the first one is at 12 weeks and the second is at 1 year (yes, he is wearing a party hat because it's his birthday):

Would you consider Charlie a black headed? I was told he is rare but he has that white spot and red around the muzzle.
Its my understanding that the black-headed tris do have red/copper/tan/cream points and that they can be identified by the black on the inside of the ears. So I'm pretty sure Your Charlie and my Laika are black headed tris. Laika just seems to be developing a few brown hairs around her head. And they're dark brown, not like the creamish red on her cheeks and knees. Here's a picture of Laika:

Charlie is a BHT.

I think that all BHT's have some red on their face (usually eyebrows, and some further down their muzzles).

And many RHT's have some black on their heads.

If the black encircles the eyes into adulthood, it's a black-headed tri. If the black does not encircle the eyes it's a RHT.
Mia has the same dark brown hairs growing... but she is most definitely a black head tri, just like your sweet Laika :)
When the inside tips of the ears are black... they are black head tris.

Click on the link below to see the difference between black head and red head tris:
Yeah I was curious as to if they keep those brown hairs to adulthood or not. The few black headed tris I've seen in person don't have those so I wondered if it was a puppy thing
Bear as a puppy...

Bear now...

When my Hannah was a puppy she had a thin black streak down her back that was quite pronounced, but there is no trace of it now (it faded out and she has some black hairs mixed in with her red on her back now). It was really strange; it was almost like having a skunk ;)


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