Hello all......I am looking to adopt my first  Rescue Corgi and I am so excited.  I would love to hear the trait and demeanor of your corgis. 

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Hi Zana, check out the FAQ.

Hello and welcome! We all love to talk about our dogs so I'm sure you'll get lots of good info. Here is a post I did awhile ago that sums up some aspects of owning Corgis that can be challenging:


Hi Zana!

We were signed up with Georgia Pembroke Welsh Corgi rescue for over a year with no dog coming available, so just to let you know Corgis are less likely to be found as rescues than many other breeds.  However, if you want to buy a Corgi from a reputable breeder, I'm happy to put you in touch with ours, who is in Dahlonega, North Georgia.  We could not be happier with our dog Bogart.  I agree that you should read the post by Beth, she really goes into some detail about things that are specific to Corgis.  Good luck!

Adopting a corgi from rescue is wonderful.  As you know all corgi's come with some quirks but rescues come with added baggage.  This is not always bad but just realize most probably your new baby has been neglected or abused emotionally or physically. Our Tenby came to us at 6 months and 5 1/2 years later we still deal with his issues.  But he is the most loving, smartest, funny corgi there is.  We love him to death and are so glad we rescued him.  In the beginning there were a lot of tears and hair pulling (ours not his) .  We realized it wasn't his fault he had no animal or people socialization, but the enviroment that he was forced to live in. Happy Corgi and thank you for giving a rescue a home.


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