So, Linus is nearly 2 and has matured into pretty much the perfect dog (other than the occasional shoe chewing and barking at the neighbors for pets/treats). The breeder that we got him from recently had a litter of puppies (the mom is Linus's sister!) and they had a little girl that seems fairly laid back, which is what we were looking for because Linus is so energetic, so we decided to take the plunge. She arrives on Monday!

So, how did your 1st corgi react to the second? I've searched the forum and found very little in the way of helpful info. Any tips to making the transition from 1 to 2 corgis go smoothly? I'll also take suggestions for how to keep them out of each other's food. We are mostly concerned that Lucy will be eating Linus's food because he's kind of a lazy eater and we sometimes have to leave his dinner down for 30 minutes before he'll completely finish it.

Thanks all!!

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Congrats on your new pup!  This is what I reccomend for a smooth transistion:

1.  Definately will want to introduce them on neutral territory away from the house.  Take them for a walk           together before bringing them back to the house.

2.  Make sure to give one on one time to each of the dogs seperately.  Feed your oldest dog first, the oldest dog should

     not feel like the new dog is coming in to take over.  I would highly reccomend feeding seperately, in crates, gated   


3.  Have a place set up for the pup to be separated from Linus. Play times should be always supervised, if you can't

     supervise them, crate them. 

4. I would have a spot you could have for the pup, just for the pup, to relax and get used to surroundings, and just

    relax and sleep and not have to worry about Linus.  After supervised play time, I would let the pup have some time to

    herself.  We did this with Lance and Tucker and I really think it helped.  Slow introductions so neither one is

   overwhelmed by the other one.

5. When giving treats make sure to give them treats at the same time. 

6. Make sure they have plenty of excercise, age appropriate. A tired corgi is a good corgi. 

Enjoy your pups and remember they will need a strong leader, they need to know you are the one in charge, not them.  :)  Corgis like to take over if they feel like the are in charge.  I am sure there are other tips I am forgetting but these are a few to start up with.  If you have any questions I will be glad to help you out.  :)

Thanks for the great ideas! Have been thinking the same worrisome thoughts and will absolutely keep all this advice on hand.


How does Linus react to other dogs?  Natalie has given you good info ...but depending where you live and the shots your pup will have had I might not meet on neutral territory.

Definatly give your pup time to explore her new surroundings  and maybe keep Linus away for a short bit and then on a leash. Honestly, I have introduced many pups and never had a problem but I have just brought them in and put them down.

Food  you will want to separate until you know plus if the pup is eating a different food then for that reason also. I would after a few days sit on the floor and have the bowls on each side of me and the dogs by their bowls. Mine all eat at the same time in separate bowls next to each other.

I would have a gated area or pet fence for the pup when you are not there but you might be surprised how well they do. Plus the crate.

Enjoy and take lots of pics!!!!!!

good point Jane, about the puppy shots...we didnt introduce a puppy into the house.  Tucker was 3.  and yes lots of pics!! 

Thank you both! Linus loves other dogs, and babies, and people and everything really, lol. We have had other dogs in the house and they have eaten his food, drank from his bowl and played with his toys and he could not care less. I'm just hoping he'll still be happy when the new puppy doesn't leave after a few hours.

We used our xpen a lot, lol. Henry was just teeny bit excited to have a puppy, to say the least. We would let them play (supervised always) for a bit, and if Henry was getting too rough for the puppy we'd put the pup in the pen for a while. Eventually the "newness" of the puppy wore off I think and he was less crazy about playing with him, lol.

this seems to be precisely linus's reaction. "puppypuppypuppy, let me jump on it!" and lucy loves it, but when linus gets too rough we dump her back in the pen. if she cries, he backs off though, it's adorable. he's been such a good boy. she even took one of his toys and he let her play with it.

lucy is such a little doll. very sweet and laid back. she will actually let you hold her for more than a minute, which linus would never do. she had a long first day. she's yet to do any puppy business in the yard. even though we take her out frequently, she seems to be saving it up to go in the house. *sigh* we had to give her a quick rinse bath and 2am because she peed next to the pad and then danced in it (i'm guessing by how much she was covered) and then cried because she was wet. we took her to the vet today and he said that she looks perfect, except that she has tapeworms (only upside of her doing business in the house is that i noticed it much more readily than i would have outside). she got a shot of strong dewormer and is now resting. our breeder is completely horrified that she came with worms, but from what i've been reading, worming is not an exact science. so, that's day 1 in a nutshell. happy pawlidays all!

glad to hear its going well...happy pawlidays to you as well!! :)

I'm not sure what kind of tips to offer...we have Callie who we brought home at 8 weeks old.  Then 2 years later we decided she needed her " own dog"!  We went back to the same breeder and brought home Cooper. He was 4 months old. They actually have the same mother but different fathers. They are as different as night and day. Callie never even blinked an eye at bringing him home. They just seemed to adjust with no issues. I think it was Callie's easy going self that just took everything so well. She didn't mind if he came over to her when she was eating to check out her bowl. I don't know how many times I would catch Cooper literally taking bones/ treats out of her mouth...Needless to say I about had a heart attack when I'd catch him being so pushy or trying to sneak her food. Honestly I think the best advice I got was to get one of each...girl and boy and to have one be a little I said I think it's all in each one's personality. If I think of anything I will try my best to get back to you...All I can say is good luck and welcome to the 2 club...I am so very glad we got Callie her own dog! It was really the best thing we could have done for her!

Just finished reading Natalie's tips...She certainly has great ones...this is THE BEST place to go for advice, tips and help!  


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