We live in the country so my dogs are off leash almost all the time unless training. I have found that I still need to help them find a job to really tire them out. Bella chases the goats(usually from inside a fence). Sage follows the other corgis and Livvy has to play ball at least 4 times a day to really be satisfied when she comes in! What are some things you have found that work well to poop out your corgis?

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There is one someplace near the cities...I can try to ask when we go to classes in 2 weeks...our old instructer from last time was going that direction but I think it maybe was just a private farm and the lady did herding and let this other insructor (sp) bring hers...I will try to find out!
here's a good website:


I was able to find a trainer in my area by contacting a herding club. Took Franklin to do a herding test and he was AMAZING. Its so cool to see their instincts kick in and watch them herd sheep when they've never even seen one before!
Jane & Melissa- Thank you! My Buddha and Maddie will appreciate it :)
@ Katy...did you see Sheepy Corner is near Prior Lake???? Don't know where Chisago is ....do you????
Swimming, Agility, Herding and play days with doggie friends. These usually do the trick in burning up some of that corgi energy. :)
Mine do like their daily walks in the park. I would not say it tires them out so much as settles them down. I have to agree with Cesar that a leashed walk drains off energy in a way that play just does not.

Hiking is about the only thing that truly tires Jack out. However I must say that both of mine are pretty good inside. They are busy, but they don't get into trouble or anything, though Jack does look bored sometimes.

I do agility once a week with Jack and just started Rally with Maddie, and they both really like their one-on-one time with me, and the mental work of training.
@ Beth...mine are good in the house also(except for little Sage right now) but it's still nice to know they have gotten some good exercise!

@ Chris....I just got one I will have to try it for Sage!
Luckily for us, Frosty LOVES to chase the laser pointer. So almost every night before bed, my husband takes Frosty outside, stands on our deck, and runs him up & down and back & forth all over the yard over and over and over with the laser pointer. After about 15 minutes Frosty is pretty wore out and then we can go to bed lol
I take my corgi London hiking also walks in the woods on paved paths in our area. He really enjoys doing that together, and that seems to tire him a bit , he's young yet and just turned one though.
Moose just runs laps and laps and laps... He loves to run. We thought about getting him agility training. 
Archie isn't super hyper, like ADHD, or anything. But he's constantly chasing our cats in the house, we go for 30 min walks in the morning, and after work, and like Lance he loves his laser pointer. He knows where I leave it and if he's in a rambunctious mood he'll stare at it and jump up and down next to my chair whining until I give in. Once I reach for it, before I even pick it up he's already running!!!
I think you meant to say Archie loves the laser pointer like Frosty.... :) I wish Lance loved the laser pointer but when I tried it out a year or so ago, it just made him bark like crazy, so no laser pointer for Lance!


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