I got Ferris four days ago, and today we had our first official walk. He would just lie on the grass and eat it. When i pick him up onto the sidewalk, he just goes back onto the grass and lays there. How do I get him to walk with me?

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Sorry, I had to laugh...just about everyone goes through this or else they fight the leash and think you are killing them.  It will take a bit of time for them to learn this. Gently pull and try having him come with you...maybe try an excited voice?

Thank you, I'll try that. How long did it take your corgi to learn to follow you?

Depends on which one...I had some that fought the leash, others that just took off walking and a couple that laid down. You could also(depending where you live and how busy it is) let him drag the leash and the when he's walking just pick it up and go a few steps and could even do this part in the house. Bribery might work also.

Mine had the same problem, but if I drove even a block away he was willing to follow me anywhere. I'm not sure if it's a territory thing but it's worth a shot.

Also I think all corgi's hate the heat, so if it's hot where you are I suggest you take him out at night when it's cooler.

And try going with another person as well, I've been told it simulates pack behavior.

Thanks, I'll try this tomorrow and see if it works. It's actually pretty cool where I live, around 60°F so I'm guessing the weather isn't bothering him that much.

Assuming Ferris is still a baby you need to make yourself sound really fun and at first try to go his way as much as possible. This is all new to him and sometimes puppies will shut down at new things. Make fun, silly chirping noises and don't expect a lot of distance for several months.

Pepper (15 weeks) does the same thing! It is hit or miss. This morning she went around the block willingly. Other days she spreads eagle and refuses to go anywhere. How old is Ferris?


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