Faye is a 12 week old corgi puppy. Being that I live in an apartment (can't just let her out into a yard) we have to walk her a lot to teach her to go outside rather than on our carpet. Right now we are bringing her down 6-8 times a day! I was just wondering.... once she grows up how often will we have to bring her down? We live in a 5 flight walk up, and although my butt is seriously getting a great workout, walking up and down 30+ flights of stairs a day is no fun.

She is my first dog so I'm a little dumb with some things. I know that the situation now is how it's going to be for a while and I just have to tough it out... but I wanted someone to show me the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once she gets old enough, I plan on giving her a long walk in the morning before I go to work, and a run in the evening when I get home. How many times would my partner have to walk her during the day to get her appropriate potty breaks?... or I guess what I'm really asking is... how often to grown corgis pee and poop?

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My full grown corgi goes 4 times a day normally. Sometimes more if it is hot and there is a lot of water consumption. She can hold it 12 hours at a time, but I hate to have her do it. That is emergency, my tire is blown, and I cannot get home to walk her situation. My corgi pees 4 times a day and poops twice. The number of poops has to do with the number of meals and the size of the meal. More food = more poop. So that will depend on you.

With that idea in mind, how often do you think you will feed your dog, once a day, twice, free range feeding? That will also effect his bowl movements.
Right now we're feeding her 3 times a day and she has free access to water. Some people have told me to only give her water at feeding time so that I can predict her potty better for training but I think it's just too hot for that (unless I get an AC for her).

We will probably try and cut her feedings to twice a day when she gets a little older. Luckily there is almost always someone home with her and if not we have a dog walker close by.

The one thing I'm really grateful for is that she sleeps through the night in her crate 8+ hours now! I thought the 4 am walks were going to kill me.
The rule that I have with any dog or child under the age of six is no fluids after eight at night.
Yeah we cut her off at 10pm... I work later in the day. So I get home at 9 walk her then feed her (with water) and take the water away shortly after... She then gets a walk before bed at 12.
Hey Erin! I am kind of in the same situation too as we live in an apartment on the third floor. I was getting pretty tired of going up and down those stairs every 30 minutes when Paisley was younger. She is now almost 4 months old and it has gotten a lot better! I am home most of the day so I just take her out when she asks now (she learned 2 weeks ago to scratch at the door). She goes for a walk in the morning before her breakfast, and then a quick walk afterwards. She then usually goes out again around lunch time. She then goes out again after dinner for a long walk and then before bedtime of course. So that is 5 times a day and she usually does both each time. Once in awhile it will be once or twice more for pee breaks, but she has been sticking to this schedule pretty closely lately. I hope this helps with some light at the end of tunnel that really isn't that far away!
I'm hoping one day I'll live in a house with a yard and I can simply open the door to let Faye out. Until then I guess I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. On the positive side, my legs look great from all the steps.
My ten year old will happily go three times a day. The almost three year old is happy with four. They usually go more but this would meet their minimum requirements.
My two-year-old neutered male could get happily by with 3 times a day: once first thing in the morning, long walk with several potty breaks after work, and a quick pee right before bed.

He usually gets two extra pee breaks thrown in: once immediately before my husband leaves for work (as he starts a little later than I do in the morning) and once around 9 pm.

However, that is with no one home during the day and no activity. If we are home and he is up and about, we do take him out more often, especially right before we leave the house. So if someone is almost always home, I would say the most likely scenario is she will have her long morning walk and afternoon run like you mention, then a potty break at around mid-day and another right before bedtime.

You'll be in fantastic shape!
I guess I'm the mean mommy, but my pups get to go out twice a day for potty, morning and evening. I have a bell up for them to ring, but they never use it (and yes, I did teach them how!). I took them out more often when Elvis was less than a year old, but since he's passed that birthday he's been nearly accident-free. They get a walk once a day, normally at least 30 min but usually closer to an hour. If they've been playing fetch or rough-housing and drink a lot of water, I'll give them another chance. I do think that they can get accustomed to holding it for longer periods of time. Obviously, it's unreasonable to ask them to go once a day or less, but they will adapt to the routine you give them, and of course, sometimes things don't go as planned.
I don't think it's mean, and I'm fairly sure my dog could learn to go twice a day if needed. His before-bed pee is honestly more for our peace of mind than his.

When I get home from work, my dog frequently does not even want to go out when I grab his leash; he'll grab his toys and want to play. However we are in a house and taking him out is not an inconvenience, so we do take him out more often. Still, in bad weather, three times a day is typical for him.


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