Sheldon (10 months) enjoys pooping. A lot. We take him one three times a day and he will make a deposit on every walk. He will sometimes make multiple deposits on a single walk. If he has a cow knee to chew on in the evening, he will most likely need another break to make another poo (up to 4 now). He eats Fromm 4 star and his #2 are not runny - everything looks normal. 

Anybody else have corgis that like to #2?

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Mine enjoy going on walks.   If they go on a long walk, Jack will generally stop 3x to poop, and Maddie twice.  If they get a long walk morning and evening, they may go about 5 times each over the course of the day.

If they are home all day, they don't have to go at lunch, but if I am home and take them for a mid-day walk, you guessed it, they go again.

Yet if the weather is awful and we just run out quick, they are perfectly fine going once each.    They make tiny little poops for a dog;  I swear they hold some back on purpose just so they can mark on their walk with it.  :-)   

Pain in the neck, but I've grown used to it. 

oh my!, you must go through a lot of poop bags! Glad to hear this is common amongst all corgis. My friend who owns a lab thought it was abnormal and advised I take Sheldon to the vet. 

Yea I have a "walk as you poop" boy.  He will poop and walk leaving it behind.  Then as a little extra he will scratch off with all four feet, grin while he is doing it and then run!  Everytime he goes out he does this.  If I took him 20 times he would do the same routine.  So I don't know if that too is a corgi thing!!

Ellie will routinely poop 2-3 times during a single walk (we usually don't go more than 1 mile at a time.)  She usually only does this during walks, though.  If I just let her out on her lead she'll go once and then rush back inside.  :)  This isn't strictly a Corgi thing, though, as my Eskimo Dog will poop in our yard before leaving on a walk and then go again during the walk.  Of course, it's possible that my Eskimo Dog just thinks he's a Corgi now.  ;)

Yep, its not uncommon for Franklin to go 4-5 times a day, if he has had a knuckle bone to chew in the evening I can bet he will go about 3 times on his morning outting and then 2-3 more times on his walks. Like others have said though, if he is left in all day he can get by with going just once or twice, but if I take him out frequently he will go frequently. Maybe since our corgis are bred to be around cattle they poop like cattle too! Lol. 

Yoda is the same, I swear he thinks if he let it all out at once, he would have to go home, so he let it out slowly!

Normal here too! Probably 4-5 per day!

Funny! I was wondering the same thing yesterday. We took Harrison to the park and he made 4 poop stops! He is also a "walk as you poop" kind of dog. His trainer saw him do it once and she was like "wow I have never seen a dog do that before!" So my guess is that must be a corgi thing . 

Murray too.  But the walk as you poo thing, not so sure.  I have had a puggle in my agility class that runs across the agility ring pooping as she runs.  Not a fantastic agility dog on many levels.

Dolly our corgi mix rescue poops at times that seem inappropriate to us. We have only had her 6 months and have been learning what "sets her off". Car rides! Stop at the park before you get on the freeway or you will have poop in the car. Stop at at some grass before you go inside the pet store. And of course walking. One poop per lap around the park. Nice to know it is not abnormal. Our other dogs seldom goes outside the yard, so Dolly's behaviour seemed strange.

My dog's BM schedule is pretty standard as I feed her the same amount of food everyday with minimal snacks - 1 cup in the AM and one cup in the PM.  So she usually has a BM in the morning followed by 2 in the evening.  On days where she visits my parent's and gets loaded up with treats and snacks, she'll have about 3-4 BMs the following morning.


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