My corgi is about 4 months old and weighed in at 7.9 last week at the vet. When we took her in at 3 months she was 5 pounds. I don't know what she weighed when we got her but she was pretty small. I was reading another post here talking about their weight and this seemed low. The vet didn't say anything and she looks healthy to me. Does this sound normal or does it just really fluctuate between puppies?

Thanks for the help! I found this website a few days ago and love all the information! We got our corgi from a shelter and hadn't really planned on a specific breed but I'm glad we found her!

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Our vet told us that we should be able to see a visible waist line and be able to feel (not see) her ribs. I'm not sure about exact weights at specific ages but I hope those indications help :)
Like children ... they all develop at different stages but compared to what I've had that is small. I'm sure the vet thought her weight was good for her size and everything checked out. She could be one of those Corgis that are lighter boned and not as muscular. My pups at 5 weeks are 5 lbs. or around that. Also w/growth..there are periods of rapid growth and not. Some growth changes occur w/o any weight change but the body changes. A lean fit dog during growth is much safer and healthier then a chunky one. Here is an additional discussion on this very topic awhile back.
Don't worry about how much she's suppose to weigh..go by what is her ideal weight just like w/rations on food..depends on metabolism..activity..growth rate..and weather conditions they live in. Most of the dog food packaging require larger amounts then the corgi really needs but there again, if your feeding a better kibble you don't need to feed as much either.
Sounds like your girl will be small. As long as she is healthy then size is relatively unimportant as to what a great companion she will be. Bless you for saving a life from the shelter. There are many dogs being given up for a multitude of reasons. Your little girl is lucky to have found a caring mom.
We had Reggie our 3 month old weighed yesterday when we took Archie to the Vets, and he weighed in at 7KG which is about 14lbs give or take. He is of average build for his age and still growing!!
I just took my 4 month old in and she weighed 11.2lbs. At 12 weeks she weighed 9.something lbs. And I thought ours was a runt/petite! you've got a wee babe. I'm sure if she looks fine and the vet wasn't worried its just highly variable. This is my first corgi pup, so I don't know!

I just had Daisy at the vet today and she is 17 weeks old and weighs 11.2 pounds. At 14 weeks she was 8.3 pounds at 10 weeks she was 5.5 pounds when I got her at 8 weeks she was right around 3.5 pounds.
Hi..... our Jillie just had her one year old check-up at the vet last week. She weighed 16.6 lbs and the Dr. said she is going to be petite and not as stocky as some Pembrokes. He said that you can feel her ribs and she has a nice dip in her underside belly. She is a wonderful eater and he said she will gain more weight as she gets older but this present weight looks great on her smaller frame.
Thanks everyone! We just took our Carly back to the vet and she weighed 10 pounds! I believe she is almost 5 months now but I'm just glad she is steadily growing.
My corgi is a male pembroke and he is 17 weeks and weighs about 7-9lbs he was only 2.2lbs when we got him. I think we just have miniature corgis
You should not be able to see ribs but if you feel around the chest area you should feel individual ribs, if you just feel a generally hard area rather than individual ribs then the dog is overweight.
There's lots of condition charts like this floating around the internet that should help you assess your dogs weight by looking down from the top and at a profile view:

My Orion is over 8 pounds and he's 11 weeks, but just like people there are variations in healthy weight ranges, maybe you just have a small pup :) I work as a vet tech assistant at a clinic so I hear that "this is what a healthy dog should look like" speech from the vet every day, haha.
Sage is 4 months and her weight today was 12 pounds. Her brothers both are at 15#'s and I think her little sister would be at least 2 pound less than Sage or even lighter. Pups are like people and come in all sizes...she may be a tiny one! Glad you like this site and Welcome!
Goldy is a bit small, as you can see from the pic below. The doggie she's nose to nose with you ask? One of her littermates. But, she's healthy and has a strong appetite, she's just a bit on the petite side for the breed.


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