How to train a corgi that some areas are forbidden?


It's highly possible that next month I'll have my very first corgi ^^!

Right now I'm trying to prepare the best I can. So my first question is: can I train a dog not to go somewhere in my apartment (at least not when it's alone)? My place has two levels, with my bedroom upstairs, and they're connected with a steep radial stairs. I thought the dog will sleep in the bedroom, but now I'm concerned about it's health. Of course I can carry it upstairs or downstairs but what about time I'm not home? I'm afraid something wrong may happen :(.

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I'd just keep a babygate on the stairs when you can't be there.

I second the babygate. There is no way to enforce behaviors when you aren't there so a barrier is the most fool proof method.

You need a baby/dog gate

I have read that puppies should not be left loose and unattended. There are just too many ways they could hurt themselves and will likely have potty accidents. Be sure and read the two FAQ about potty training. I think you will see that it will be best to leave the puppy in a pen or crate while you are gone. Don't worry, they sleep all day. Also, going down stairs before they are grown can be damaging (you are right about that) so do carry him up and down. There is so much information on this site. You can use the search box in the upper right to find more stuff about dogs in general and corgis in specific detail than you ever thought possible. Be sure and post pictures. Some breeders take pictures of the pups that you can post before you even bring him home. hint, hint

OK, I get the message, a babygate it is :). Thanks for your input!

As for keeping an eye on a puppy -- my dog is not a puppy anymore, she's 6 months old.

6 months is definitely very much a puppy! :-)

Whoa, really? I was told the puppy stage ends after ca. 16 weeks, smaller breeds even faster.

No, 6 months is definitely still a puppy. You should still be expecting some typical puppy stuff with a 6 month old, like chewing and accidents in the house. Not as much with a younger pup, but it's not uncommon to still see this at 6 months. Additionally, corgi pups should not be encouraged to do much jumping up on furniture, stairs, etc until they're 1.5 years old. They can injure their backs and hips otherwise. 

Are you getting the pup from a breeder? Do you know why they still have him/her at 6 months?

OK, good to know about the puppy behavior! I knew about back and hips issues, but thanks for your concern!

She was supposed to go to sb, but that person stalled for a month (!) and eventually deceived my breeder :(.

6 months is still very much a puppy, so I wouldn't trust her too much just yet lol. Heck mine are 2 and 3 and still occasionally get into things they shouldn't when I'm gone.

We also got our dog when he was six months old.  He was a little anxious in the beginning, having left all his "friends" at the breeder, so he slept in his crate NEAR our bedroom for a few days (so he could hear us), and then we kept moving the crate farther and farther away, until he was sleeping in the laundry room!  For the first two weeks I got up around 1:30 am to let him out, and after that he was able to "hold it" until early morning.  We don't leave him in the house unsupervised.  If the weather is nice he stays in the fenced yard when we are not home, and if not, in the laundry room.  That way, if there was an "accident" it would not be a big deal.  We have a hardwood stairs going to our lower level, and first we put a gate up infront of it, however, he doesn't like to negotiate the steps so he simply doesn't go there.

I'll try to keep mine supervised as much as I can, but I'm sure there'll be days nobody will be home for couple hours and I won't be able to take the dog with me.


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