Hi Folks,  I am new to this forum as we now own our very first corgi!  Before this we only owned Goldens.  Our puppy is almost 9 weeks old.  Last week we took our pup to the vet for his first checkup. We had noticed that he was emotionally flat and independent but thought that was just typical corgi behavior.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus (water on the brain).  An neurolgy vet confirmed this diagnosis the following day.  We were devastated.  Since then we've started him on some medication to help reduce the amount of brain fluid produced and are more accepting of his limitations as we understand the diagnosis now.  We are going to enjoy him and love him for the unknown amount of time that we have with him.  Does anyone have any experience with this condition in corgis?  Thanks.

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I would have a very clear ability to do a "duties" analysis in the abstract, but when I look at the photo of your pup, I go to mush...

It is great that your breeder reacted reacted so well & your decision not to engage in "extreme measures" is the most humane one. In the meantime, I hope the meds keep him well and able to engage in typical corgi behaviour: chewing valuable shoes, antique furniture, baseboards, kitchen cabinets & radiating Joie de Vivre!.

What a cutie!

Kathie....he is such a beautiful boy.  I'm glad that you've had good discussions with the breeder, she is apparently a good breeder and truly feels bad that his happened and she is taking steps to not have it happen again.  I am glad you will have a new puppy in time.  I agree with your decision to make him as comfortable as possible, love and enjoy him while he is with you.

So terribly sorry to hear this. How heartbreaking. And how blessed this little guy is to have found someone who will make his short life as kind as possible. You are a special person to do this.

Thank you Beth.  He really has pulled on our heart strings.  Now that we understand his condition, we are more accepting of his behavior and limited learning capacity.  We love him....how could you not, right?

Your little pup is a cutie, and oh so lucky that he has you.  /hugs.  Give him a little scritch for me. 

Will do Susan.  Thanks for the hugs :)

What a cute puppy!  He is lucky to have found such a loving and accepting environment and I hope he will do well and maybe learn to compensate for his disability as he matures further.  I am a believer that love is powerful medicine and he may surprise the doctors.....  I wish all of you the best possible outcome.


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