i was out with some friends having a good time when i wanted to show them a photo of Baden, its one my favorite photos of him and just wanted to share it. i got a few !awww how cute!" "hes such a darling, i love him!" and the next response went like this "hes cute and all but i really think its selfish move to buy a  pure breed dog when theres so many amazing mixes out there. they are full of health problems and cost an arm/leg yet u pretty much get them for their looks. i grew up having only mixes and i cant stand the thought of why u would fall for something many people do. i mean look at how they show dogs making the parade around the ring like, o look at me, im better than the poor lab mix in the shelter. its no different than a kid Padget and he will get put down because of u. just because u wanted a pure breed dog"

it hurt beyond words. i got my first corgi Teddy (R.I.P) who wasnt a standard since he was bluie, but i loved him just the same! i did my research on dogs way before i made the decision. i knew a corgi was perfect fit for my life style. granted he came from a farm but he was an amazing dog. he was becoming a therapy dog because he has such a huge heart for people.

so what i got Baden from a breeder. i love this dog and his breeder was so passionate and so kind when she heard of Teddys passing and let me pick Baden out of the litter and i watched him grow every week when i visited. sure i paid a lot for him but i know she wasnt making a lot off me and i know it was because he was tested for every harmful genetic disease he could get and for his deworming, shots, etc. we still talk to this day!

i guess i just didnt know what to think but to give my 2cents worth and leave. i dont think showing your dogs is cruel at all. i know several people who do and their dogs love it. and on top of all this i have fostered 13 dogs in the past and have adopted 3 cats, not kittens from the shelter.

sorry for the rant, it just hurts that some people think this way about my dog and of me. she made it sound like i sentenced every dog in the shelter to its death 

this is teddy. my first corgi

and this is baden at 3 years old

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I have really enjoyed reading this thread - thank you for starting it. I have adopted many dogs and cats in my life, and this is the first time I have purchased one from a breeder. It took a lot of soul searching on my part, and I find I still carry guilt over the decision - especially when I run into people at the parks who don't hesitate to criticize.

But darn it, I am at the age where I know what I want and that is that. I waited over a year searching the shelters and rescues for the right-sized dog who was cat-friendly and could live in an apartment. Someone hit the nail on the head, too, when they mentioned that most of the rescues are pit bulls and chihuahuas. Here is Austin, they make up about 75% of the shelter dogs - and most the others are plot hounds.

And I tend to get nervous when the shelters are not certain about the breed since the last "lab-mix" puppy I adopted turned out to be half Great Dane. I loved that big ol' dog - even after he dislocated my shoulder :) And kept him till he passed. But I don't want any surprises. So far Campbell has been true to everything I read about the breed and I couldn't be happier.

It is encouraging to read your remarks. And as a result, I am going to officially stop attempting to justify my decision to anyone. I got the dog I wanted from a small, responsible breeder, and I am proud of it!

Lovely boys, BTW!

thank you :) your corgi is just precious by the way! glad u two had great by the lake. its moment  like that, that really bring us closer to our pets (i think any ways)

it also dawned on me why i was and why so many others are a bit hesitant with going to shelter. because u could go and get a puppy and they say "lab mix" but what if it turns out to be a great dane mix! which if u have the space cool but being with the military theres just no way i could keep such a big dog or afford to feed one for that matter.

i knew corgis were perfect since they are big dogs with small legs and are not fragile to go hiking or swimming since i love to do outdoor activities but i would be able to travel and i could easily afford to feed him.

but as we have agreed on, we certainly dont own an explanation to why we made are choice. i think we made a pretty awesome one at that ;)

Deltina....I just nodded my head when you talked about your shelter dog that turned out to be part Great Dane.  When we first moved here we went to the shelter to look at the dogs.  There was a 6 month old pup and they had her listed as part Russian Wolfhound.  First thing we did was ask why she was given up...she was getting too big.  Then why would get a dog that you think is part wolfhound.  Second whoever classified that dog as part Russian wolfhound had no idea what they were talking about.  And the worst part...it was a vet that said she was Russian (Borzoi).  She was pure Irish wolfhound...100%.  My husband and I know Irish wolfhounds....we took her in a heartbeat and we enjoyed sharing our life with her for 10 years.  And yeah, they can dislocate body parts and cause some good bruises.

Next on the list (from a different shelter) we adopted what they told us was a GSD/lab mix.  The lab part turned out to be rottweiler.  He turned into a tank on skinny shepard legs. But he was a good dog.

Often it seems like people in shelters just make up ideas for what they THINK some dog might be.

Also sometimes I wonder about their honesty. My neighbors were told they were getting a spayed female from the local lab rescue. What they got was a pregnant female and, soon, a litter of puppies.

no way are u serious? maybe they had their reasons but still theres no call to hoodwink someone into taking on a whole litter of pups without warning

Honestly?????? I also can't believe that a shelter would do that. The one I volunteer would NEVER give up a dog(or cat) that wasn't fixed....and yes they have had pregnant dogs and kept them much longer than they had hoped to! They should be turned in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's what the guy said. Who knows...he could've been making it up, I suppose. He was trying to find homes for the pups.

Yup....you never know!

He may or may not have been making it up. In my state, it used to be legal for a shelter to adopt out an intact animal and we actually adopted a female cat once that wasn't fixed. I was a little kid so I can't remember if she was pregnant when we got her or if it happened shortly after but we did not have that cat for long because she had kittens and she died while giving birth :(

Don't take it too personally, some people is not thaaaat great at rephrasing words and often ended hurting someone's feeling without meaning to, I guess she is the type that supports adoption more :) I know it hurts but let it go, maybe, just maybe... she meant well..your corgi is gorgeous btw I wanna hug them so badly

u can always come to CA and give them a hug :D lol Baden just loooooooooovvvveeesssss knew people. he would be a terrible guard dog, he would just bring them toys and lick them

lol I totally could imagine him lunging forward & attack people with kisses XD


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