I don't want to sound like a bad person or know it all, but I get so mad when I read that people are intentionally crossbreeding Corgis. Corgis are great like they are and don't need to be re-designed by these folks thinking their cross bred mutts are somehow superior. Just my opinion, but darn it people stop trying to fix something not broken.

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Yep, and at the shelter they are not asking $800.

My nephew has a nice dog that is half lab, and the other side is a border collie/rough collie cross. Sweet dog. Price? Free from a friend who was not careful with his dog.

One of Jack's dog friends is a boxer/lab mix, and she is also lovely, well-mannered, and actually a very good-looking dog. Price? Shelter adoption fee.

If the same accidental mixes were toy breeds easy to keep en masse in cages, they would have called it a Boxador and charged a grand for it.
How true...I had a weimeraner mix (due to age and bad hips my daughter has in town now) he was a give away and at 12 he is still the best dog and we miss him as he knew exactly what to do with any animal that didn't belong in our yard and he's a lovable big dog. Maybe that's why they say "the best things in life are free"! Yes....so many times it's the big dogs that seem to be the ones in the shelters...
Wrigley was technically free and he is the best dog I have ever met. I paid $70 to the shelter for him and got $50 off his neuter and a $20 microchip for free. he is a Corgi/ Aussie Cattle Dog (I think) mix and turned out adorable. I look on Petfinder every day and find adorable Corgi mixes in shelters. If people want a designer dog, they should check out the shelter and save an innocent life first.
in a perfect world...I sure wish people would do this....or get their animals fixed and there would be no puppy mills or unloved animals!!!! These dogs are not in shelters due to what they have done...but more likely because of what people have /or have not done....I'm so glad youfound Wrigley and that he has a forever home!!!!
I got my corgi mix from a rescue group down south. I see nothing wrong with breeding mixes VS breeding pure breed dogs. I generally hate the number of puppies being put out each year while so many are Euthenized. Whether it is a pure bred dog or not, I just wish people would not breed their dogs. Morgan was 3 months old and 1 day away from being put down for no reason other than the shelter was over crowded. Why spend so much on a puppy, you can adopt pure bred dogs from the breed specific rescues?!? Don't do pet stores, don't pay $1,000 to a man who is selling you a pup out of the back of his car! (frustrated face)
It just scares me to think that my little boy would have been killed if I had not adopted him ... It would be nice if all the pet stores adopted out adult dogs (nuetered) then we would help reduce the population of breeding dogs.
My main "issue" with these dogs is the breeding standards.
With a recognized purebred, there are standards to breed to. A set shape, form, color, size, temperment, health, etc. I look for breeders whose sole purpose is to "better the breed" not to make a quick buck.
Considering these people are not breeding to fit any standard, therefore can not be trying to "better the breed" what is their point?
It bothers me to see them advertise any poodle mix as non-shedding and hypo-allergenic when we all know this can't possibly be the case, but time and time again people fall for it.
Sure it would be great if you could hand pick which traits the pups get from which breed, but it simply does not work like that.
Perhaps the shelters should pick up on this trend and rather than plainly state what the dog is (ex: Beagle/ Corgi Mix) they could make up bogus "cutsie" names for every one of them. " (ie. Corgle)
That's a thought...they might be more attractive that way...if someone were to get "_____" instead of a mutt they could say well this is a "---" to their friends...I'm going to run that past a friend I have that works at a humane society!!!!


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