I have 2 Corgis (One male, one female both 4 yrs old, same litter). I'm trying to move in with my boyfriend who has 2 cats (both male, 12 yrs old, same litter).

He doesn't think that the animals will ever get along and that it's a hopeless case.

My female Corgi, Ziggy, does not ever participating in running and chasing at home right now. My male, Cash, will chase because he follows what the other dogs do.

Neither of them have ever seen a cat. Cash sometimes will participate in chasing squirrels with the big dogs. He has a good recall and when he starts running, I can call him back to me very quickly.

The 2 cats have never lived with a dog. As I don't have as much experience with them, I've been told that the larger one doesn't like dogs and swats them. They do not have claws though. They are indoor cats.

My dogs sleep with me, and are my little partners in crime.

I'm in dire need of as much advice on how to make this work. It's such a sensitive subject in my relationship!

Should I introduce one dog at a time? Or both at the same time?

I know this topic has been discussed, but they're typically introducing Corgis at as pups. Has anyone had any experience with introducing cats and dogs at an older age rather than as puppies/kittens?

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My adult corgi had to get used to overnight visits with my cat loving family. One of my daughters had five cats, one, a stray is almost feral in nature. It swipes at everyone and everything, but it has mellowed slowly. Sully is very laid-back and she pretty much ignored their presence and they ignore her as well. They are not great friends but they don't live in the same house so I don't expect miracles. In your situation I am trying not to judge whomever made the decision to declaw the cats, but that would, I imagine, make them feel much more traumatized and insecure around other animals. In my experience, cats and dogs do learn to live together after a few stanoffs but so much depends on the owners, the animals, and the various personalities involved. If I were faced with the choice I think I would want to have a Plan B in case one or more of the parties involved were unable, or unwilling to adjust.
At the time the cats had their claws removed, it was unknown how crazy the surgery is. I didn't know until recently, but I'm really not a cat person and don't know much about them. I don't dislike them, but I prefer doggies!

My girl is completely uninterested in most anything unless it's food or someone to pet her. She won't chase squirrels or anything in the yard. They mostly dislike meeting new dogs that are much larger than them. So I'm hopeful that after introductions that the cats will learn to deal with them, and the Corgs will do the same!

Anytime I'm gone, I will have them in crates in a room, or in their large covered kennel outside!

Becca was 7 months old when I got her. The only cat she had been exposed to was a barn cat. I had an adult cat who loved dogs, still does. I tried to make their introduction period as safe as possible. The bedrooms and laundry room were cat rooms with baby gates across the doors. I also established high spots in each room for the cat to escape to if she needed. The first few days, Becca was highly supervised around the cat. It was weeks before I left them home alone together. Becca was in her crate or the cat was in a bedroom. 

Basically three years later, the cat loves Becca, Becca tolerates the cat. I still have my bedroom as a cat room. Becca resource guards against the cat, I'm not going to have it happen on my bed. The resource guarding is a constant process. I still have a gate across the laundry room door too. The litter box is there. Cat poop is a delicacy according to Becca. 

I would set things up to have separate rooms for them at first. Then crate the dogs and let the cats out into dog space, moving to leashed dogs. Having the cats feel safe at their litter box should be a priority. Make the litter box room totally dog free. Cats tend to blame the box if they get scared while in it, then pee elsewhere. 

Good luck.

Great advice! I forgot that I traveled with the baby gates at first to make sure the cats felt safe going in the room to poop and Sully didn't consider it "take-out." Also, I tried to set the tone with Sully since we were "invading" their territory. I try to be a respectful guest so we don't disrupt their routine too much. Seems to help the cats feel safer at least. I also kept Sully on a leash and in sight just in case and to help prevent the Spawn of Satan (just kidding Jack) from attacking the dog. The cats, three of them at least would mostly hide and I would put the leash on the dog when they came down to eat in the morning. If we had to live in the same house I suspect they would be fine over time. I hope you have similar luck.
Thanks for your input! I'm trying to avoid disturbing the cats' routine. I want to change things very little beings I'm bringing my dogs into the cats' house. I know they remain happier when things stay the way they know. I don't want to necessarily lock them in rooms in their own house. I will do that with my dogs beings I'm bringing them in. I will have to make some adjustments I know that for sure. I like the separation, then crates, then leash. I feel like that's a smooth transition. There really is no time frame huh? Other than whenever they get comfortable enough to move on.

I will remember to make the litter box a priority! Thanks for the tip!

I've introduced both adult and young dogs to my cats. The important thing is to not allow any chases. It's just too fun and self rewarding for the dog. Start with leashed dogs in the house, reward with treats when they see the cats and you are able to draw their focus to you either with the look command or by calling their name. You can progress to having them drag a leash around after seeing sucess. I agree that it's really important for the cats go have a dog free place vor their litter.

Thank you so much for your reply! I need some confidence going into this situation! I feel like with given time they'll be ok!

We brought home a kitten in Dec. and our corgi was 2 at the time.  She had never been around cats.  We started with Holly (kitten) being in a bedroom with a baby gate up so they could see each other.  Foxy (corgi) was very interested but not obsessive with the kitten.  Slowly Holly would come out to explore and we had to remind Foxy not to chase her which she does do sometimes but Holly is cautious and watches for Foxy and then doesn't run.  They get along so much better than I could have ever hoped for.  Foxy sleeps with us and at first she would chase Holly off the bed but now Holly and Foxy actually sleep with us.  I have a feeling your dogs and cats will be just fine if introduced slowly.  Good luck!  We have continued to keep up the baby so that Foxy can't eat Holly's food or get into the litter box.

OMG this strand is really about so much more than dogs & cats!

Does your partner want to sleep with your dogs? (my husband of over twenty years does not allow the dogs upstairs, never mind onto the bed!!)

Will he ensure that the litter tray is not the canine sushi bar?

My cats were well established before the corgis arrived but the cats ran, the corgis gave chase and three years later, a very uneasy peace has been negotiated. If the cats DON'T run, the dogs don't chase but if the cats run......

The cats own the laundry room, into which the dogs are not allowed venture but the dogs own the hall through which the cats enter & leave. The cats own the front garden, through which the dogs enter & leave when entering or leaving the house to go for walks.

The back garden: they can work it out for themselves.....

It is about more than cats and dogs, I agree. That is why I suggested a Plan B, so no one is stuck in a bad situation. Assuming neither party would be ready to give up their pets to stay together it would seem important to have a fall back plan in case the worst scenario plays out and a compromise cannot be reached among all parties. I hope it is not needed though!
My cat cannot stand other cats and had no experience with other dogs until I got Gutie. I had such a horrible fear that they wouldn't get along. I got Gutie at 7weeks and waited until 14weeks to formally introduce him to the cat. During that time, I would alternate rooms between the cat and the dog so they could get used to each other's scent without actually being in the room together. I then started to let the cat into the room while Gutie was sleeping so she could sniff him without him being in her face. Then I started to feed the two of them in the same space: the kitchen. While Gutie ate in dishes on the ground, the cat ate on an elevated chair near him. They started to get comfortable with each other's presence and then I had them formally meet in a supervised room with plenty of places for my cat to jump up to if she felt cornered. Nature is amazing and it works itself out a lot of the time without our help. Gutie got the inevitable bat on the nose and soon figured out that kitty has boundaries. He was very surprised the first time he got a swat, but I didn't comfort him or yell at the cat because he needed to realize it was acceptable for the cat to establish her ranking in the "pack". Gutie is now 7months and he and the cat have recently started to play with each other (the cat will jump out and startle the dog, then chases her, he runs away and she chases him), but she'll definitely let him know when she's had enough with a hiss and he has learned to back off and find something else to play with.

I found this thread and just wanted to follow up and see how the introduction and training went. I'm going to be in a very similar situation soon and have so much anxiety since my dog and the cats are all older. (Dog=6.5 yrs, 2 Cats=10,11)

I just want to see what works, especially if anyone had any success stories with harder situations *cough, grumpy corgi*



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